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BricksExtras Premium Bricks Builder Addon Nulled (v1.5.1) Free Download

BricksExtras Premium Bricks Builder Addon Nulled
BricksExtras Premium Bricks Builder Addon Nulled

BricksExtras Nulled is a growing library of elements & features, with a strong focus on accessibility, flexibility and opening up more possibilities of what you can build with Bricks.

Build it the way you want.

The goal of BricksExtras GPL is to help extend your capabilities with Bricks, to assist your everyday workflow without adding unneccessary restrictions or getting in the way.

Dynamic Data & Query Loops

Take full advantage of Bricks Nulled dynamic data options and ability to use Query loops to dynamically populate element content.

Flexibility > limited settings

Nobody enjoys having a limited number of layouts / styles to choose from. Instead get the functionality you need from the elements and retain full control over the design.

Developer docs

Need to trigger something outside of the built-in settings? Find JS events and functions in the docs that you can use in your own code to extend the use cases.

Accessibility as Standard

Where possible, the elements are done-for-you accessible. And, of course, you have control & can tweak to best match your needs.

Frontend & Backend Speed

No jQuery on the frontend, VueJS elements for the fastest performance on the backend. Minimal structural CSS. Enjoy the ‘next-gen’ performance matching that of any native Bricks Free Download elements.

BricksExtras Free Download

BricksExtras Free Download We’re here everyday helping people build their best WordPress sites. Full documentation of all features, video tutorials showing use cases (coming) & ticketed support if you need some help.

Demo :


April 22, 2024
[Conditions] - Added a new "Current Taxonomy Term Has Child" condition for use on taxonomy archives.

[Popovers] - Added two new "action" interactions to allow for controlling via interaction settings.

[Dynamic Lightbox] - Now supports using Cloudflare CDN image delivery URLs when using gallery mode.

[Pro Accordion] - Now supports filtering individual accordion items using WPGridBuilder facets.

[Toggle Switch] - Can now be used inside query loops.
[Pro Slider Control] - Fixed an issue where the progress bar value did not match the slide index.
[WPGB Styler] - Now uses min-height rather than height for the select facet, preventing overflow when using combobox and multiselect.
[Pro Slider] - Adjusted the default "wheel sleep" setting to 700ms when using wheel navigation, preventing skipping multiple slides.
[General] - Added more control over ARIA labeling and roles across multiple elements.

April 18, 2024
[Dynamic Tags] - Improved reading time logic to support use with more languages.
[Header Search] - Now allows adding text inside the open toggle button.
[Image Hotspots] - Added an option to replace icons with custom images for each marker individually.
[Pro Accordion] - Moved the header tag outside the accordion header by default.
[Pro OffCanvas] - Added an option to change inner content HTML tag.
[Pro Slider] - Fixed an issue where Splide was adding `role=group` to slides that were list items.
[General] - Enhanced keyboard navigation across some elements.

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