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Contact Form 7 + Addons Nulled (v5.8.1) Free Download

Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator Nulled Download
Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator Nulled Download

Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator Nulled is a pricing calculator that allows you to easily create quote or estimate forms for contact form 7. With Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator Nulled – pricing form you can create forms with dynamically calculated fields to display calculated values.

The calculated fields form can be used to create both individual and complex calculations, such as general calculators, ideal weight calculators, calorie calculators, quote calculation for hotel reservations and car rental services, quote calculation for appointments and services, credit and financial calculators, date calculators such as pregnancy calculators.


With the default configuration, this plugin by itself does not:

  • spying on users;
  • write any user’s personal data into the database;
  • sending any data to external servers;
  • using cookies.

If you enable some features in this plugin, personal data including the IP address of the sender of the contact form may be sent to the service provider. It is therefore recommended that you confirm the provider’s privacy policy. These features include:

Contact Form 7 Free Download

With Contact Form 7 Free Download, you can manage multiple contact forms as well as customize forms and e-mail contents with flexible formatting. It supports form ajax powered submission, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filters and many more features.

Demo :

Contact Form 7 Addons List

  • CF7 Auto Responder Addon v2.2
  • CF7 7 Mailchimp Add-on v2.2
  • Sendinblue CRM Integration v1.0.1
  • Email Verification v1.1.1
  • Connect with Google Sheets v.2.0.3
  • Builder And Designer v.1.6.3
  • ZOHO CRM v.2.1.1
  • Invitation Codes v1.4.1
  • Drag and Drop FIles Upload – Multiple Files Upload v.3.5.4
  • Conditional Logic v.2.8.3
  • Autocomplete – Address Field v.3.2.4
  • Auto Save Progress v.2.3.1
  • International Phone Input v.1.7.3
  • HubSpot CRM Integration v.2.0.1
  • Connect WhatsApp v.1.1.1
  • Star Rating Field v.2.1.2
  • Save To Database / CSV / PDF v.2.2.3
  • Tooltips v.1.4.1
  • Email Template Builder v.1.0.3
  • Webhooks v.1.5.2
  • Color or Image Swatches v.2.4.2
  • Signature v.1.6.5
  • PDF Customizer 2.0.3
  • Popup v.1.2.1
  • Redirects v.2.1.2
  • Repeater v.3.5.4
  • Polls v.1.5.1
  • Range Slider v1.3.4
  • Recover Abandoned Form v1.5.5
  • Paypal Pro v.2.1.1
  • Multi-Step Pro v6.5.9
  • Pipedrive CRM Integration v2.0.1
  • Perfex CRM Integration v.2.0.1
  • Restrict Dates v.1.0.2
  • Cost Calculator v7.3.7
  • Repeater v4.0.1
  • Ultimate Addons v1.6.7

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