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Instagram Feed Pro [Developer] By Smash Balloon Nulled (v6.4) Free Download

SmashBallon – Custom Instagram Feeds Pro Nulled Free Download
SmashBallon – Custom Instagram Feeds Pro Nulled Free Download

Instagram Feed Pro Nulled  – WordPress plugin with which you can add beautiful, customizable and flexible Instagram feeds to your website. 

Instagram Feed Pro Free Download Super easy to configure and many customization options to easily combine the look of your website with Instagram feed. Display Instagram photos from any non-Instagram account. 

Powerful Customization Settings

  • Customize instagram feed area by specifying widthheight and background color.
  • Specify number of photos to show on feed area.
  • Set the order in which you want to display feeds.
  • Set column layout to show your feeds.
  • Set image resolution and padding around the images.
  • Option to disable light box.
  • Option to disable header.
  • Easily control caption by specifying text lengthcolor and font size.
  • Easily Control Feed’s Likes and Comments.
  • Configure load more and follow on instagram buttons by specifying background colortext color and button text.
  • Easily specify your custom js / css scripts to customize specific feed items.

Display Instagram feeds

  • Display photos / videos from instagram account.
  • Feed stream is responsive ready for all devices.
  • Display multiple feeds on same page or on different pages.
  • Show feeds from your User ID or Hashtag.
  • Only show feeds from your User ID and Filter by a specific Hashtag.
  • Only show feeds from Common Hashtag.
  • Lightbox popup support.
  • Share you feeds on other social media platforms.
  • Display likes and comments.
  • Use number of built-in shortcode options.
  • Load as many media items you want with the help of Load More button.
  • Display photo caption.

Demo :


= 6.3 August 15, 2023 =
* Important: CSS code for the grid layout has changed. Customized feeds may be affected. Learn More.
* New: New “Feed Themes” feature. Choose a theme for your feed that will add an attractive and coordinated design throughout your feed elements. Impress your visitors and gain more followers.
* Tweak: Custom avatars are now supported in the lightbox.
* Tweak: With API support removal for likes and comments count for Personal accounts, notice have been added for personal accounts.
* Fix: Fixed an issue that would prevent an account from refreshing even after reconnecting when displaying hashtag feeds.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP warning for PHP 8.2 “unsupported operand types”.
* Fix: Header bio would not update automatically when it was updated on Instagram.
* Fix: Fixed missing text domain preventing translation of some strings.
* Fix: Custom files for the text header were not being recognized when using custom templates.
* Fix: Removed the option to add a feed to a widget if the current theme does not support widgets.
* Fix: Only 20 feeds were available for export when using the tool on the settings page.
* Fix: Fixed an issue causing a PHP error “creation of a dynamic property” when using PHP 8.2.

= 6.2.4 May 25, 2023 =
* Fix: Fixed personal accounts unable to retrieve new tweets and showing an error with the code 100.
* Fix: Updated API calls for business accounts to work with upcoming changes from Instagram.

= 6.2.3 February 28, 2023 =
* Tweak: Added a notice to help with creating a feed for our latest [Social Wall 2.0]( update.
* Fix: Fixed additional deprecation warning that would affect our Elementor integration.
* Fix: Fixed a CSS parsing error.

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