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Dokan Pro eCommerce Marketplace Plugin Nulled (v3.11.3) Free Download

Dokan Pro and Business Theme Lite Nulled Free Download
Dokan Pro and Business Theme Lite Nulled Free Download

Dokan Pro Nulled enables you to build multi-seller or multi-vendor e-commerce solution with WordPress.

You can start your own ebay or Etsy like marketplace sites in a matter of time. E-commerce with WordPress now made easy!

Dokan Pro is the best front end multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce. It helps you to build your own marketplace similar to Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento like marketplaces in under 30 minutes.

Dokan Free Download is the fastest way to start eCommerce and earn through commissions with products ranging from digital, physical to variable products.

Hear what reputed WordPress influencer and online business strategist, Darrel Wilson, has to say about Dokan. Dokan comes with a free responsive eCommerce theme – Dokani, that has widgets specially made for Dokan.


Your business operations with Dokan ProNulled come with the assurance of being smooth and fast. Everything will work to your expectation because that is how the experience is designed, taking into account the best intuitive practices from popular eCommerce activators like WooCommerce, Bigcommerce etc.

Dokan PRO Free Download

We regularly keep our versions updated for flawless operation and integration with dependable services. We don’t just work on keeping things compatible, but we also follow an approach of adding trendy new features to Dokan Pro Free Download with every update.

Demo :


v3.10.4 ( Apr 25, 2024 )
fix: Vendor dashboard Order status filter menu displayed a duplicate border.
fix: Vendor dashboard withdraw page display get hidden.

=v3.10.3 ( Apr 17, 2024 )=
– **update:** Warning message for selecting fixed cart discount on admin coupon add edit page if single seller mode is disabled
– **update:** Removed the Stripe Checkout setting from the Dokan Stripe Connect’s settings screen – **fix:** Return Request and Support menu notification count display fix for Menu Manager
– **fix:** Advertisement product not purchasable for own product purchasing restriction
– **fix:** Dokan admin dashboard section style broken
– **fix:** Fatal error occurs when user profile settings data is empty initially
– **fix:** Enable selection of previous shipment dates for vendor orders
– **fix:** Resolved several PHP warnings occurring in the shipping, store review, and vendor verification functionalities.
– **fix:** A issue where modules activation indicator was not visible
– **fix:** vendor-specific coupon should not apply to admin
– **fix:** WC Simple Auctions Plugin -> Proxy Auction Option Not Reflecting in new Dokan Auction Product
– **fix:** The default category was set to null if the admin deleted the default category.
– **fix:** Fixed an issue where if the admin deletes all the store categories, it doesn’t display the Store Categories Icon.
– **fix:** Unnecessary page creation on Export & Import module activation
– **fix:** The debug log shows a PHP Deprecated notice regarding the get_page_by_title function in the Dokan Pro plugin.
– **fix:** Invalid order id error in Vendor subscriptions related orders metabox.
– **fix:** [StripeConnect] Renewal orders failing while using Dokan Stripe Connect
– **fix:** Log Gateway Processing fees in order note if vendor pays processing fees
– **fix:** Elementor single store templates loading issue for first time users.

= v3.10.2 ( Apr 02, 2024 ) =
– **update:** [RFQ] Updated description message for `Decrease Offered Price` to set the default value to zero
– **update:** Added requires plugin header for dokan pro so that required plugin check can be initiated.
– **fix:** [RFQ] fixed a fatal error if `Decrease Offered Price` under Dokan Settings –> Quote Settings is set to an empty string.
– **fix:** Auction product form fields placeholder content translation issue
– **fix:** Product advertisement Elementor widget warning fixed Product advertisement Elemmentor widget was generating a warning due to lack of proper initialization process. This warning message has been fixed.
– **fix:** Color synchronization issue in vendor dashboard actions
– **fix:** Refund issue with Stripe Express
– **fix:** Manually refund button is not shown in the Order Single page (Vendor Dashboard)
– **fix:** Broken UI for Announcement creation and Draft Editing
– **fix:** Displaying debug log on MangoPay Settings Save
– **fix:** Missing Stripe Processing Fees for Vendor Subscription Purchases
– **fix:** Fixed a fatal error while purchasing a product using a coupon for some users.
– **fix:** Content AI is displaying a popup if the site is not connected to RankMath
– **fix:** Rank Math Content Length not Fetching from the Product Description in the Product Edit page – **fix:** Modules are not loading if downgraded from higher package to lower package
– **fix:** Fatal error on changes a vendor email address
– **fix:** Added type casting while calling dokan_get_coupon_metadata_from_order() method to prevent a fatal error

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