Droppy Online File Transfer and Sharing Nulled (v2.5.9) Free Download

Droppy Online File Transfer and Sharing Nulled Free Download
Droppy Online File Transfer and Sharing Nulled Free Download

Droppy Nulled is a self hosted online file transfer and sharing platform that can be used to share multiple files among friends, family and colleagues. The files can be sent by email or an url that can be shared with everyone you would like to.

Droppy Free Download Premium Subscription will give your users the option to subscribe to a premium plan that will give them some additional features like larger file uploads, longer file storage, no advertisements and lock their uploads with a password. The plugin will charge the user every billing cycle (You can set your own price, billing cycle etc.), and checks if the payments are successfully made. Users can easily cancel/re-subscribe using their own control panel.

Droppy Nulled All features

  • Support for multiple files
  • Support for multiple recipients
  • Drag & Drop support
  • File previews
  • Share files using email
  • Share files using a link
  • Automatic file destruction after a specified time or amount of downloads
  • Password protect an upload
  • File encryption
  • Chunked file uploads
  • Email verification
  • Automatic upload resume on connection loss
  • Option to specify default upload recipients
  • User accounts
  • Require login for upload and/or download page
  • Fullscreen backgrounds (image / video)
  • Space for 2 different Adsense ads
  • Fully translatable and support for multiple languages
  • Built in contact form
  • Terms and about pages
  • Admin panel
  • Upload and download statistics
  • Change site settings
  • Manage all uploads and downloads
  • Manage all email templates
  • Manage all backgrounds
  • Manage users
  • Manage upload settings (max files, max size, expiration time, blocked file types etc.)
  • Set custom analytics code
  • 4 different themes included
  • Update entire application with 1-click



V2.5.9 (22 April, 2024)
- Fixed issues with file types downloading on android
- Added iframe upload form option
- Added option to add custom CSS using the admin panel
- Added back button after starting download to retry download if needed
- Added delay to download "okay" button to prevent accidental page leave while download is initiated
- Added option to let users report malicious downloads

V2.5.8 (26 February, 2024)
- Fixed issue with admin destroy button + extra logging
- Fixed issue that caused the help popups to not appear when the password feature was disabled
- Small logging improvements

V2.5.7 (12 January, 2024)
- Login redirect to download page
- Added option to set social meta tag image
- Small bug fixes and improvements

V2.5.6 (22 October, 2023)
- Added automatic browser language detection support, make sure to properly setup your locale values in your language settings.
- Added option to edit languages
- Added password reset feature to admin panel
- Added option to set a different admin url path
- Added ability to login using local Droppy accounts when Active directory is connected
- Changed logging level when in development mode
- Fixed some general issues and improved code quality

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