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Estimated Delivery Date V3 – Smart Modules PrestaShop Nulled (v3.9.0) Free Download

Estimated Delivery Date V3 Smart Modules PrestaShop Nulled Free Download
Estimated Delivery Date V3 Smart Modules PrestaShop Nulled Free Download

Estimated Delivery Date V3 – Smart Modules PrestaShop Nulled A must-have module for any shop. Increase customer trust and sales while reducing date-related support requests. Show your customers the estimated delivery date, from basic to elaborate configurations, on the product page, order process, and emails.


The importance of delivery dates cannot be overstated, particularly for customers eager to spend their money in your store. This module assists you in assisting your consumers by providing features that make the overall purchasing experience of your customers easy and efficient.

When shopping online, you probably have found yourself wanting to know when a product will arrive more than once. There might be several reasons for this, such as that you need the product by a specific date or are eager to receive it… In all of these cases, knowing the estimated delivery date of the product can influence your purchasing decision by increasing your trust in that shop and making you more comfortable and secure in making the purchase.

From the owner’s perspective, once configured, you will see a drop in all support inquiries relating to delivery dates (this has been verified by our clients numerous times) and an increase in the sales, making the investment completely worthwhile.

Internally, the module always attempts to separate its configurations into two modes: basic and advanced, making it possible to configure the module in 5 minutes while still allowing for complex configurations for those shops that require precise setups. This is possible because the module’s features handle the preparation and delivery process as if it were real life.

To help you understand how it works, we’ve presented some of the features you’ll find particularly helpful.


The module uses unregistered users’ geolocation to determine which carriers should be displayed for that customer. The customer’s stored addresses will be used after they’ve logged in.

Display modes and customization:

Without editing a single line of code, a broad range of choices are available to simply define each parameter, such as style, time format, location, and colour of the Estimated Delivery information box.

Carrier-based configurations:

You can set all carrier parameters globally or individually for each carrier with the advanced options.

Global settings:

Date modification using global parameters such as categories, manufacturers, or suppliers

Product-based configurations:

When configured, they override the general settings, enabling you to change the delivery time of your items by utilizing the module’s unique characteristics (picking days, out-of-stock additional days, release dates, available dates…). This can be accomplished at the product or combination level.

Orders and emails:

The Estimated Delivery date option can also be enabled during the order process. The date can be displayed optionally on the summary, in the carrier selection phase, and finally on the order confirmation page. When this functionality is enabled, clients and administrators may check the delivery date from the order history at any time.

Following the placement of the order, the delivery date can be included in the shop emails by adding a special variable on the templates.

Orders by picking (pickup dates):

A visual guide for determining which orders should be prioritized to meet the projected delivery dates generated at the time of the order.



Version 3.9.4 – 4/10/2024

PrestaShop compatibility: – 8.1.5

  • 3.8.7 Improved the handling and efficiency of the pre-sale dates calculation
  • 3.8.8 Creative Elements auto detection and suggestions. Now the module suggests changes in the settings if the Creative Elements Page Builder is detected to improve the performance
  • 3.8.8 Fixed a display issue when a carrier was selected on the carrier steps and user visited a product afterwards
  • 3.8.8 Fixed a condition that prevented the All Carriers Popup from being displayed in some cases
  • 3.8.8 Improved the date refresh of the module with some OPC modules, where the individual dates as well as the global date is updated dynamically now
  • 3.8.8 Improved the import system
  • 3.8.8 Improved the compatibility for systems having used both date display systems for the orders (global date display and product individual delivery date)
  • 3.8.8 Fixed a compatibility issue with third party modules trying to send email without a cart or employee set. In those cases, the module will not add the {estimateddelivery} variable
  • 3.8.9 Extende

Version 3.8.6 – 8/8/2023

PrestaShop compatibility: – 8.1.5

  • 3.7.9 Improved BO delivery date regeneration
  • 3.7.9 Added debug generation times in the advanced options
  • 3.7.9 Remove the type cast in the DateFormat and DateFormatter to prevent issues with older PHP versions
  • 3.7.9 Optimized generation times for shops with a large number of categories and limited resources
  • 3.7.9 Improved Calendar Dates
  • 3.7.9 Added the option to print the debug information directly on pages (useful to see the debug info when HTML is cleaned and comments removed)
  • 3.8.0 Improved the combination handling, reduced the requested queries for products with combinations by 5
  • 3.8.0 Added the option to disable the Estimated Delivery on a combination level
  • 3.8.0 Added the option to set up undefined delivery dates on products without stock by supplier
  • 3.8.1 Added a new option to display only the current product delivery time.
  • 3.8.1 Fixed issues with carrier restriction
  • 3.8.1 Fixed issues with getAddrCarrier when the cart was empty
  • 3.8.2 Fixed small issue with deliveries list which

Version 3.7.8 – 3/27/2023

PrestaShop compatibility: – 8.0.1

  • 3.7.7 Improved the generated info when module’s debug mode is active
  • 3.7.7 Fixed a small issue with delivery range dates for logged in customers
  • 3.7.7 Improved the display on the Products List view
  • 3.7.7 Fixed a small issue
  • 3.7.7 Improved some features compatibility with the multi-shop feature
  • 3.7.7 Improved display Cart Modal feature
  • 3.7.7 Fixed an issue with the combination data sorting and saving
  • 3.7.7 Limited size for the carriers images in the Popup View
  • 3.7.8 Upgraded the live update for the order summary step
  • 3.7.8 Fixed some issues on PS 8.0.2 initial installation
  • 3.7.8 Improved BO delivery date regeneration

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