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EventOn + All Addons Pack Nulled (v4.6.6) Free Download

EventOn All Addons Pack Nulled Free Download
EventOn All Addons Pack Nulled Free Download

EventON Event Calendar for WordPress Nulled is a beautifully crafted event calendar that presents events in a minimal clutter-free design.

It is packed with 200+ useful features such as highly customizable repeating events, multiple event images, event locations and organizers, and advance features like multi data types and language corresponding events and etc. All of that comes packed in the #1 best seller Event Calendar on codecanyon!

EventOn Addon List

  • EventOn v4.6.6
  • EventOn WordPress v4.3.5 [Activated]
  • EventOn Action User Add-on v2.4.6
  • EventOn Ticket Variations & Options v1.1.4
  • EventOn CSV Event Importer v1.1.10
  • EventOn Include Anything v0.6
  • EventOn Speakers & Schedule v2.0.2
  • EventOn Photos Plus v2.0.1
  • EventOn Reviewer v1.1
  • EventOn Event Tickets v2.3.2
  • EventOn Event Seats v1.2.6
  • EventOn RSS Feed Add-on v1.1.6
  • EventOn Wishlist Add-on v1.2
  • EventOn RSVP Events v2.9.13
  • EventOn Bookings v1.4.2
  • EventOn API Events v1.0.6
  • EventOn Dynamic Pricing v1.0
  • EventOn Event Countdown v1.1
  • EventOn Subscriber v1.4.2
  • EventOn Events Lists Extended v1.0.2
  • EventOn Yearly View v0.13
  • EventOn ICS Importer v2.0.2
  • EventON Virtual Plus v0.2
  • EventOn Reminders v0.7
  • EventOn QR Codes v2.0.3
  • EventOn Full Cal v2.1.1
  • EventOn Event Reviewer v1.1
  • EventOn Weekly View v2.1.5
  • EventOn Advent Calendar v2
  • EventOn WordPress Event Calendar Plugin v4.4
  • EventOn Event Map Addon v1.5.1
  • EventOn RSVP Events Waitlist v1.1.1
  • EventOn Repeat Customizer v2.0.2
  • EventOn RSVP Events Invitees v0.5
  • EventOn CSV Import v1.1.9
  • EventOn Slider Add-on v2.0.8
  • EventON Moon Data v0.2
  • EventOn RSVP Points Add-on v0.4
  • EventOn Daily View v2.1.10
  • EventOn Filters Plus v0.1
  • EventOn Action User Plus Add-on 1.2
  • EventOn PDFer v0.8

Demo :


= 4.6.6 (2024-6-18) =
ADDED: get_repeats_adjusted() to return timezone adjusted repeat times array
FIXED: eventon_script.js variable error
FIXED: Events->get_taxonomy_data() code error
FIXED: virtual event link saved not showing correct
FIXED: organizer lightbox twitter icon
FIXED: php 8.2 deprecated properties
FIXED: current month button not working properly
FIXED: filter value selection and reselecting not working
FIXED: url with special character not saving 
UPDATED: eventon settings > styles layout design

= 4.6.5 (2024-5-30) =
FIXED: XSS vulnerability with subtitle field
FIXED: wp-admin font styles
FIXED: Data store to update events global data object
FIXED: loading image text showing
FIXED: settings appearance color circles tooltip
UPDATED: EVO_Event class to support object instances
REMOVED: Php code execution from settings - potential security vulnerabilities

= 4.6.4 (2024-5-7) =
ADDED: location latlon error API notices to show on page
ADDED: settings new settings field support for addons
ADDED: evo_lang function for javascript
ADDED: image loading text for feature image
FIXED: undefined errors in get_translated_datetime()
FIXED: custom date format not working with \ special characters
FIXED: image lightbox clicks open blank lightbox
FIXED: filter bar opening on multiple calendars on same page
FIXED: single event shortcode generator events list order by event title AZ
UPDATED: Font awesome library to version 6.5.2

= 4.6.3 (2024-4-12) =
FIXED: location more infor lightbox not passing lang value
FIXED: eventcard layout styles
FIXED: global button color not changing
FIXED: arrows to right not working
FIXED: get_date_time_format() error in code
FIXED: social share email event time incorrect
FIXED: hide_cancels to work on event repeats
FIXED: custom time format special character support
FIXED: eventcard time to use custom time format from settings

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