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Filter Everything WordPress & WooCommerce Products Filter Nulled (v1.8.6) Free Download

Filter Everything Nulled Free Download
Filter Everything Nulled Free Download

Filter Everything Nulled PRO is a new professional WordPress/WooCommerce Product Filter that allows you to build powerful faceted filtering system for your site.

What the Best filter plugin should be able to do?

  • to filter by any possible criteria
  • to filter any Post types (products, posts, cars, houses, recipes etc)
  • support any kind of filter views (checkboxes, radio buttons, labels list, dropdowns, range)
  • to be ready for use on mobile devices
  • to work fast
  • support AJAX
  • and to be compatible with WordPress themes and popular plugins (ACF, WPML etc)

Filter Everything Nulled KEY FEATURES

✔ Filters Any WordPress Post type

WooCommerce products, posts, recipes (but not WP Recipe maker yet), cars, real estate objects and so on.

✔ Can be placed on Any WordPress Page

Includnig singular pages created with Page builders like Elementor, Divi builder, Themify, WPBakery, Visual Composer, Oxygen builder, Beaver builder etc

✔ Supports custom WP Queries

You can filter posts related with Any WP Query on a page. Including custom WordPress loops placed directly in theme files.

✔ Compatible with Page Builders

Tested with Elementor, Divi builder, Themify builder, WP Bakery composer, Oxygen builder, Beaver builder, JetEngine and others

✔ Filters WooCommerce products + Smart filtering by variatons

✔ Separate Sorting dropdown with unlimited sorting options

✔ Step by Step filtering

Allows you to load specific Filter terms in dependency from selection of another Filter

For filtering results pages. This allow index them by Search Engines, share, bookmark or so

Filter Everything Free Download

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    = 1.8.6 =
*Release Date - 18 July 2024*
* Dev - Added ability to translate SEO Rules with Polylang
* Fix - Fixed compatibility issue with Polylang plugin
* Fix - Fixed the ability to rewrite functions wrapped with function_exists()
* Fix - Fixed small issue with terms order equal to the order in ACF field
* Fix - Fixed issue with text search through filtered posts and apostrophe character
* Tweak - Added hooks 'wpc_taxonomy_location_terms', 'wpc_post_type_location_terms', 'wpc_author_location_terms'

= 1.8.5 =
*Release Date - 15 May 2024*
* Dev - Added "Labels for Chips" option to configure chip labels
* Dev - Added "Dropdown Label" option
* Tweak - The "Show in Chips" option was hidden due to lack of demand
* Tweak - Now default terms order in a Custom Field is the same as in ACF field
* Tweak - If ACF field terms have labels, they displays in the Filters widget instead of values
* Fix - Fixed issue with WPML and Homepage in different languages

= 1.8.4 =
*Release Date - 08 April 2024*
* Dev - Tested and improved compatibility with WordPress 6.5
* Fix - Fixed issue with Filter Set for a post page
* Fix - Fixed issue with preview products in draft status and PHP > 8.2
* Fix - Fixed JS error occurred on type in the Search field input
* Fix - Issue with incorrect attribute 'for' in the Filters Widget title label

= 1.8.3 =
*Release Date - 14 February 2024*
* Dev - Increased plugin performance and made faster it up to 10 times
* Fix - Added compatibility with PHP > 8.1, removed FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING error
* Fix - Fixed bug with Date view available by default in a filter
* Fix - Fixed the issue with products with empty '_sale_price' meta values and wrong On sale counters
* Fix - Fixed issue with a parent filter, when current WordPress term archive page is selected term in the parent filter
* Fix - Fixed bug when the only Search Field presents in a Filter Set
* Fix - Fixed issues with Polylang plugin when language functions are not defined
* Fix - Fixed issue with double click on the Apply Button after using the Search Field
* Fix - Set correct permissions for the /assets dir
* Tweak - Added hook 'wpc_plugin_user_caps' to allow to modify user roles that can use the plugin
* Tweak - Made AJAX loading circle thinner

= 1.8.2 =
*Release Date - 10 January 2024*
* Fix - Fixed issue with GET-style parameters in filter URLs after 1.8.0 update

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