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Free Gifts for WooCommerce Nulled (v11.4.0) Free Download

Free Gifts for WooCommerce Nulled Download
Free Gifts for WooCommerce Nulled Download

WooCommerce Free Gifts Nulled. was released on March 07, 2022 and is now available. Get it for just $15.Updates included as released. Use on as many sites as you like.

Free Gifts for WooCommerce GPL allows you to offer Free Gifts to your customers in four ways,

1. Admin can manually send free gifts to any user

2. Gift products can be automatically added to the user’s cart

3. Customers can choose their gift on cart page

4. Admin can offer free gifts to customers in the form of Buy X Get Y(Buy One Get One)

Free Gifts for WooCommerce Features Offered

  • Award Free Gifts for making purchases on the site
  • Free Gifts can be automatically added to the user’s cart
  • Customers can choose their Free Gifts
  • Admin can create any number of rules in advance
  • Free Gifts rules can be configured based on Cart Subtotal / Cart Quantity
  • Admin can manually offer Free Gifts to any user
  • Maximum number of Free Gifts per order can be customized
  • Option to restrict Free Gifts if a WooCommerce coupon is already applied in cart
  • Option for the admin to restrict multiple quantities of the same product being chosen as a free product
  • Option for the admin to restrict the number of gift products from a rule based on the number of orders placed by the registered user(s).
  • Option for the admin to award free gifts based on the minimum quantity of the product(s) from the selected categories.

Manual Gifting

* Free Gifts for WooCommerce Free Download To manually send Free Gifts to a user, navigate to the Manual Gift Tab within the plugin menu.

* Select a user in the user selection option and select the products(s) in product selection option.

Demo :


2024-07-01 - version 11.4.0
 * Tweak - Plugin Settings and Rule Configuration Improvements
 * Tweak - Tested with WordPress v6.5.5
 * Tweak - Tested with WooCommerce v9.0.2
 * Fix   - Error occurred when trying to duplicate the available rule
 * Fix   - Unable to search Variable Product when trying to add it as a Gift item in the Manual Order Creation

2024-06-07 - version 11.3.0
 * New   - Added Cart Subtotal based repeat Free Gift typeManual and Automatic
 * New   - Option added to restrict the Free Gift products based on the virtual products
 * Tweak - Option added to award the same product as Gift Product when different products were selected in the Get productBuy X Get Y Manual
 * Tweak - Brand-based Gifting supported in the Buy X Get Y and Subtotal-based repeat modes
 * Tweak - Tested with WordPress v6.5.4
 * Tweak - Tested with WooCommerce v8.9.2

2024-05-18 - version 11.2.0
 * Tweak - JS improvementapplicable for the Safari browser
 * Tweak - Tested with WordPress v6.5.3
 * Tweak - Tested with WooCommerce v8.9.0
 * Fix   - Redirection issue when the Gift Products added in the checkout page
 * Fix   - Fatal error when displaying the Eligibility Notice using shortcode 
 * Fix   - Gift Products display conflict after adding the First Gift product in the Pop-Up modeAjax Add to Gift enabled

2024-04-27 - version 11.1.0
 * Tweak - Supported for Alia Currency Switcher plugin based compatible
 * Tweak - Multiple Product selection supported in the Buy Product fieldBuy X Get y mode
 * Tweak - Conditional option added to consider the Buy Product when multiple products were selected case
 * Tweak - Additional option added to consider the Buy Quantity calculationProduct with Least Quantity will be considered
 * Tweak - Supported awarding the product as Free Gift when it is in the Backorder case
 * Tweak - Tested with WordPress v6.5.2
 * Tweak - Tested with WooCommerce v8.8.2

2024-03-01 - version 11.0.0
 * New   - Compatible given with Cart and Checkout Blocks
 * Tweak - Performance related improvements made with the enqueue scripts

2024-02-24 - version 10.9.0
 * Fix - Compatible given with Cart and Checkout Blocks
 * Fix - Conflict in the Carousel display mode when the criteria met without page refresh

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