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Hide My WP Ghost Premium Nulled (v8.0.01) Free Download

Hide My WP Ghost Nulled is a WordPress Security plugin. It’s one of the best security through obscurity WordPress plugins.It has over 50.000 secured websites, over 1,400,000 brute force attempts protection and over 5.000 login email alerts.The plugin adds filters and security layers to prevent Scripts and SQL Injections, Brute Force attacks, XML-RPC attacks and more.It changes and hides the common paths, plugins and themes paths offering the best protection against hacker bots attacks.

The plugin works with other security plugins like Wordfence, iThemes Security, Sucuri and adds a layer of security to your WordPress website against hacker bots.

Hide My WP Ghost is compatible with all servers, hosting services, and also supports WP Multisite.

Over 90,000 hacking attacks per minute strike WordPress sites and WordPress hosting around the world, hitting not only large corporate websites packed with sensitive data, but also sites belonging to small businesses, independent entrepreneurs, and individuals running personal blogs.

Demo :


5.2.01 (04 June 2024)

Update – Added Firewall blacklist by User Agent
Update – Added Firewall blacklist by Referrer
Update – Added Firewall blacklist by Hostname
Update – Added the option to select the level of access for an IP address in whitelist
Removed – Mysql database permission check as WordPress 6.5 handles DB permissions more secure
Moved – Firewall section was moved to the main menu as includes more subsections
Fixed – 8G Firewall compatibility with all page builder plugins
Fixed – preg_match warning on firewall.php when checking search engine bots
Fixed – Firewall saving process for Whitelist and Blacklist features
Fixed – Login access when member plugins are used for login process

5.1.03 (20 May 2024)

Update – Compatibility with WP 6.5.3
Update – Compatibility with WPEngine rules on wp-admin and wp-login.php
Update – Add whitelist paths feature
Update – Select the Whitelist level for IPs and Paths
Fixed – Prevent firewall to record all triggered filters as fail attempts
Fixed – Remove filter on robots when 8G firewall is active
Fixed – Frontend Login Check popup to prevent any redirect to admin panel in popup test
Fixed – Prevent redirect the wp-admin to new login when wp-admin path is hidden
Fixed – Prevent blocking login page on password protection page when the login path is set by another plugin

5.1.02 (30 Apr 2024)

Update – Security Check verifies the firewall against SQL & Script injection and weak usernames
Update – Font-sizes and layouts
Update – Add support to MyList theme
Update – 7g & 8G firewall to match more WP actions and compatibility with more plugins

5.1.01 (10 Apr 2024)

Update – Added the 8G Firewall filter
Update – Added the required header security for Apache and Nginx
Update – Added the option to block the theme detectors
Update – Added the option to block theme detectors crawlers by IP & agent
Update – Added the option to simulate CMSs like Drupal & Joomla
Update – Added the option on Apache to insert the firewall rules into .htaccess
Fixed – Load Firewall on all server types only in frontend to avoid functionality issues in backend
Fixed – Avoid loading recaptcha on Password reset link
Fixed – Screen 120dpi display layout
Fixed – Hide reCaptcha secret key in Settings

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