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WooCommerce Product Configurator [by Iconic] Nulled (v1.22.0) Free Download

Iconic WooCommerce Product Configurator premium Nulled Free Download
Iconic WooCommerce Product Configurator premium Nulled Free Download

Are you still spending your time creating images for every possible variation of your products? Now there’s no need! With WooCommerce Product Configurator Nulled you can create image “layers” using transparent PNGs for each attribute of a variable product.

A Product Configurator for WooCommerce

  • When customers select each product option, the product image will update with a new layer – giving them a much more satisfying experience.
  • Once added to the cart, customers see a mini-preview of their final product with the options they selected – saving confusion and reducing cart abandonment.

Save Time With Layered Image Layers

  • Use transparent PNG image layers for each product option to save countless hours creating image combinations.
  • Including an additional product option is as simple as adding a new attribute and PNG layer.

Manage Attribute Inventory

Manage Stock Levels for Each Product Option

  • Manage the stock levels of each product option right from the product edit page – making inventory management a breeze.
  • View stock levels quickly so you have enough of each component in stock – saving customers frustration.

Imagine you’re selling a customisable watch. You have the following attributes: Face Colour, Strap Colour, Strap Material, and Hands Colour. If each of those attributes had 5 options, then you’d need to create final images of the watch for every possible variation. This would be 625 images ( 5x5x5x5 ).Using the WooCommerce Product Configurator plugin, the final image is built up in layers; you’d only need to create an image for each attribute option. This would be 20 images ( 5+5+5+5 ).Creating 20 images will be far quicker than creating 625 images!

Demo :


  • v1.22.0 (12 Apr 2024)
  • NewCompatibility with the single product block.
  • NewAdded several developer filters to support offloading generated images to a CDN.
  • NewAdded new logic and the iconic_pc_disallowed_params developer filter to strip unwanted parameters causing generated thumbnail images to break.
  • UpdateRefactored caching implementation and introduced automatic cleanup of cached image files when the transients expire.
  • UpdateSlight refactor to front-end JavaScript to improve compatibility with plugins that hide the variations table and provide their own variations UI e.g Extra Product Options & Add-Ons.
  • UpdateTelemetry now shares a dependency injection container with other Iconic products for performance.
  • v1.21.2 (11 Dec 2023)
  • UpdateIconic dependencies.
  • FixImage zoom with preloading enabled no longer requires moving the mouse away and back again to trigger
  • v1.21.1 (16 Nov 2023)
  • FixUpdate the large zoom image after preloading completes
  • v1.21.0 (15 Nov 2023)
  • NewAdded a new image preloading setting to avoid the brief flash when loading large / high quality images
  • UpdateUpdated documentation URLs
  • FixGenerated images now correctly display in place of order item thumbnails
  • FixZoom images now correctly update in Chrome/Webkit browsers on variation change
  • FixData for unavailable images will no longer be added to layers

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