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Metabox Aio Meta Box + Builder + Fresh Addons Pack Nulled (v1.28.0 + v5.9.8 + v4.9.0) Free Download

Meta Box Builder Nulled Download
Meta Box Builder Nulled Download

Use the Meta Box Builder Nulled extension to expand the Meta Box plugin, and drag and drop your way to creating the custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress you want without any of the hassle.

Perfect for Everyone

Whether you have no previous coding experience or you’re a developer who’s tired of the grind, this extension is for you.Meta Box Builder Free Download

Drag any of 40+ field types into your own arrangement and customize them to your heart’s content.

Metabox AIO Nulled Top Features:

  • Designer-friendly with no coding knowledge required
  • Lightweight, easy to use, and blazing fast
  • Every built-in Meta Box field and parameter is supported
  • Fully compatible with all Meta Box extensions
  • Include exclude, show hide, conditional logic configuration options
  • Ability to create settings pages and relationships
  • Import or export meta boxes and fields
  • Ability to export the configuration to PHP code
  • API to extend the builder with new field controls or field types

Meta Box Builder Addon List

  • Meta Box v5.9.8
  • Meta Box Builder v4.9.0
  • Meta Box Aio v1.28.0
  • Meta Box Favorite Posts v2.0.8
  • Meta Box Views v1.13.0
  • Meta Box Show Hide v1.3.0
  • Meta Box Revision v1.3.7
  • Meta Box Columns v1.2.15
  • Meta Box Frontend Submission v4.4.4
  • Meta Box Tabs v1.1.17
  • Meta Box User Profile v2.5.6
  • Meta Box Custom Table v2.1.11
  • Meta Box Blocks v1.6.1
  • Meta Box Testimonials v1.1.0
  • Meta Box Conditional Logic v1.6.21
  • Meta Box Group v1.3.19
  • Meta Box Geolocation v1.3.5
  • Meta Box Term Meta v1.2.10
  • Meta Box Tooltip v1.1.7
  • Meta Box User Avatar v1.0.1
  • Meta Box Settings Page v2.1.12
  • Meta Box User Meta v1.2.9
  • Meta Box Admin Columns v1.7.4
  • Meta Box Template Addon v1.2.3
  • Meta Box Include Exclude Addon v1.1.1



4.8.0 – 2024-07-02


This versions allows you to sync changes from block.json back to the UI, so you can keep the UI and the block.json in sync.

In addition, this version connects with MB Blocks and MB Views that allows you to render blocks with views. You can select/add a view right in the builder and edit it for the block without leaving the page.

For more details, please see this blog post.

Other changes:

  • Add settings for enabling revisions.
  • Improve suggestions for key-value options.
  • Make relationships object types available only when extensions are active.
  • Remove ID for “custom_html” field
  • Fix wrong prefix for address field (when selecting for map/osm) when the field prefix is not set in the settings tab.

4.7.3 – 2024-05-16

  • Add description for relationships reciprocal settings (#85)
  • Fix: use context “normal” instead of “content”
  • Fix blocks json notice (#83)

4.7.2 – 2024-04-18

  • Fix cannot click duplicate & delete icons

4.7.1 – 2024-04-17

  • Fix: cannot click on main tabs

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