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Meta Slider Pro Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin Nulled (v3.60.0 + v2.32.0) Free Download

Meta Slider Pro Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin Nulled Free Download
Meta Slider Pro Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin Nulled Free Download

Meta Slider Pro Nulled is the premium version of the popular Meta Slider nulled plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows website owners and developers to easily create responsive slideshows with various transition effects. It’s commonly used on websites to showcase featured content, images, or promotions on a homepage or any other page.

Features of Meta Slider Pro Nulled include:

  1. Multiple Slide Types: Supports different types of slides including image, video, post feed, layer, and theme slides.
  2. Responsive Design: Slideshows are mobile-friendly and adapt to different screen sizes, ensuring they look good on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  3. Drag & Drop Interface: Easily order and organize slides with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  4. SEO Optimized: Supports SEO features like alt text, helping with image search optimization.
  5. Transition Effects: Multiple slide transition options, including fade, slide, and flip, to suit different design preferences.
  6. Layer Slides: Add text, images, buttons, or videos as layers to slides. These layers can have their own animations and styles.
  7. Theme Editor: Customize the appearance of slideshows with CSS and live previews.
  8. Advanced Features: Including thumbnail navigation, scheduled slides, dynamic post feed slides, and more.
  9. Shortcodes: Easily embed slideshows into posts, pages, or widgets using WordPress shortcodes.
  10. Developer-Friendly: Offers actions and filters for developers to further customize and extend functionality.
  11. Regular Updates & Support: Being a premium plugin, Meta Slider Pro usually offers dedicated support and regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and other plugins.

When to Use Meta Slider Pro:

  • Portfolio Websites: Showcasing artwork, photography, or design projects.
  • Business Websites: Displaying featured products, services, or company highlights.
  • Blogs & Magazines: Highlighting trending or featured articles.
  • E-commerce Sites: Showcasing promotions, new arrivals, or top-selling products.

To get started with Meta Slider Pro free download, you’ll need to purchase the plugin, install it on your WordPress site, and activate it. Once done, you can start creating and customizing your slideshows using the intuitive interface.

However, always ensure to test any new plugin on a staging site or ensure you have backups before implementing it on a live website. This helps avoid any unforeseen conflicts or issues.

Demo :


= [2.30.0] – 02 Nov, 2023 =

FIXED: Error in console in main theme editor screen, #249;
FIXED: Creating slides trigger an error from Local videos, #241;
FIXED: Minimum Free plugin version notice design for consistency, #245;
FIXED: Wrong message when selecting a video instead of an image as cover, #192;
FIXED: Deprecated: Automatic conversion of false to array is deprecated, #232;
FIXED: Creation of dynamic property deprecations, #233;
FIXED: Local video javascript warnings “Player is already initialised”, #266;
FIXED: Local videos duplicated instances when slideshow effect is “slide”, #267;
FIXED: Local videos with autoplay and mute enabled can’t be unmuted through user action, #265;
FIXED: Local video update is overridden when clicking save button, #268;
FIXED: Local video requires 2 taps to play in mobile, #273;
ADDED: External video slide type, #194;
ADDED: Scroll to bottom after adding a new slide, #225;
ADDED: Captions/subtitles to Local videos, #227;
ADDED: Allow to disable date range for schedule, #238;
ADDED: 1 week to “To” date by default, #246;
ADDED: crossorigin attribute support to Local videos, #260;
CHANGED: Schedule UI: #156, #195, #250, #252;
CHANGED: Set 5.0 as minimum WP version, #231;
CHANGED: Default end time for Daily constraint, #264;
CHANGED: Update VideoJS to 8.6.1, #272;

= [2.26.0] – 05 Sep, 2023 

FIXED: Remove warning for Thumbnail / Filmstrip in Theme editor, #205;
FIXED: Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property in PHP 8.2, #189, #114;
FIXED: Improve Theme editor preview display, #197;
FIXED: Improve Theme editor’s Custom arrows select buttons, #199;
FIXED: Don’t allow to choose videos when selecting the image in Layer slides, #190;
FIXED: “Add to slideshow” button should be disabled when no image has been selected, #152;
FIXED: Force background CSS properties for notices, #182;
FIXED: wp_enqueue_style was called incorrectly for notice CSS, #218;
ADDED: Explanation for dual color boxes in Theme editor, #207;
ADDED: GDPR support for Google Fonts in Theme editor, #202;
CHANGED: Allow to customize caption font, color, size, etc. in Theme editor, #129;
CHANGED: Move Theme editor’s “Slideshow” settings to the bottom, #209;
CHANGED: Dropdown acts funny with long slideshow names in Theme editor preview, #198;

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