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Order Delivery Date Pro Nulled for WooCommerce By TycheSoftwares (v10.6.0)  Free Download

Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce By TycheSoftwares Nulled Free Download
Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce By TycheSoftwares Nulled Free Download

Over 50% customers abandon checkout due to lack of guaranteed delivery date or estimated delivery date

Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce By TycheSoftwares Nulled plugin will allow your customers to choose a delivery date and time on the checkout page. The WooCommerce delivery date and time are displayed while viewing the order. And the good part is that the plugin is fully integrated with WooCommerce.

Easily create delivery schedules by:

  • – Product Categories
  • – Shipping Methods and Classes
  • – Table Rate Shipping Methods
  • – Pickup Locations
  • – Fedex, UPS, USPS & other shipping methods

Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce By TycheSoftwares Nulled Features

  • Set Business Days & Delivery Days separately
  • Create local pick-up locations
  • Multi-lingual Delivery Date Calendar
  • Set Maximum Deliveries per day by Orders or Product Quantity
  • Customer or admin can reschedule order deliveries
  • Customers can choose “As Soon As Possible” delivery
  • Two-way deliveries sync with Google Calendar
  • Capture Delivery Date & Time on the Cart page or Checkout pages
  • Capture Delivery Time by Time Slot or Specific Time of Delivery
  • Set flexible field labels & field placement on the checkout page
  • Create Delivery Schedules from WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method Plugin
  • Create Delivery Schedules from WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin
  • Create Delivery Schedules by Product Categories
  • Create Delivery Schedules by Shipping Zones & Shipping Classes
  • Set a minimum delivery interval between the order and the first delivery available
  • Auto-populate first available delivery date
  • View upcoming deliveries in the Delivery Calendar
  • Set specific delivery dates instead of weekdays
  • The WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin (Addon) automatically updates delivery dates for renweal orders
  • Post-delivery customer reviews (Addon)
  • Add pickup date option with a delivery date (Addon)
  • Different Delivery dates when using WooCommerce Shipping Multiple addresses
  • Send reminders before the deliveries

Order Delivery Date Pro Free Download helps businesses optimize their local deliveries by creating complex delivery schedules. Store owners instantly improve their customer service by delivering items at the client’s preferred date & time.

Demo :


Version 10.6.0 (Release date: October 25 2023 )

  1. Enhancement – Added a new feature ‘Order Type’ to display options of ‘Delivery’ or ‘Pickup’ on checkout page.
  2. Tweak- Upgraded the deactivation survey & tracking code to v2.
  3. Fix – Custom delivery schedules created for Table rate shipping plugin by Pluginhive were not being applied on checkout.
  4. Fix – When default schedule had the highest priority, Custom delivery schedule was being applied on checkout when 2 products were added to cart one with custom schedule and other with default schedule.
  5. Fix – The shipping methods from Weight Based Shipping pro plugin were not displayed in the custom delivery schedule settings.
  6. Fix – Fatal error was displayed when no lockout data was present in the database for default schedule.
  7. Fix – Console error was displayed on cart page with the delivery date dropdown field.
  8. Fix – Validation error was being displayed on checkout when order was being placed with WooCommerce PayPal Payments.
  9. Fix – Errors with PHP 8.2
  10. Fix – Delivery schedule based on priority was not being considered correctly when a product had 2 or more categories assigned and default schedule was being applied.
  11. Fix – Email notifications were not being sent to admin when customers changed the delivery date & time from My Account page.
  12. Fix – The orders page was taking time to load when WPML was active with Order Delivery Date plugin.
  13. Fix – ‘Select a time slot’ option was being displayed with time slots list view.
  14. Fix – Custom delivery schedules based on the ‘Rest of the World’ shipping methods were not being applied correctly.
  15. Fix – Validation errors were displayed on each step when Multi-step checkout plugin by ThemeHigh was activated.
  16. Fix – Fatal error was displayed on vendors Order Delivery Date settings page.
  17. Fix – When the delivery date as enabled on cart page, the delivery timestamp was not being saved.
  18. Fix – When 2 custom settings were present where one had priority set and other didn’t, the default schedule was applied when the product having custom setting with no priority was added to cart.
  19. Fix – Current date was auto-populated on My Account page instead of selected date, when editing the delivery date.

Version 10.5.0 (Release date: July 25 2023 )

  1. Fix: Admin Delivery calendar and calendar on edit order page were not getting loaded when Custom Order Numbers Lite plugin was activated.
  2. Fix: “Weekday Before Next Day Cut-off Time” and “Weekday after Next Day Cut-off Time” settings were not working for custom delivery schedules.
  3. Fix: Custom delivery schedules were not being applied on delivery date calendar widget with postcode
  4. Fix: Custom delivery schedules based on WooCommerce Table rate shipping pro plugin were not being applied on checkout.
  5. Fix: Selected delivery date was not being passed from cart to checkout page when pickup locations were enabled.
  6. Fix: The setting ‘Display delivery date & time information in the WooCommerce mobile app’ was not being saved.
  7. Fix: The time slider was displaying the start time based on MDT for all the dates.
  8. Fix: When the setting ‘Show Partially Booked Dates on the Delivery Calendar’ was disabled, the availability was displayed incorrectly for specific dates.
  9. Fix: Order Delivery Date was getting deactivated when WooCommerce was being updated on some sites.
  10. Fix: When 0 was set as specific date charges, it was not applied on checkout and the delivery date charges were being applied.
  11. Fix: When 3 or more products were added to cart with different delivery schedules, the common settings of all were not applied correctly.
  12. Fix: Next day cutoff was not working correctly when same day was set as a holiday.
  13. Fix: When the pickup location selection was changed on checkout and date was auto-selected, the time slots were not being loaded without selecting the date again.
  14. Fix: ‘Enable delivery date’ setting from product categories was getting enabled when the WooCommerce API endpoint for categories was fetched.

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