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PeepSo Gecko Theme + All Addons Pack  Nulled (v6.4.3.0) Free Download

PeepSo Gecko Theme All Addons Pack Nulled Free Download
PeepSo Gecko Theme All Addons Pack Nulled Free Download

PeepSo Nulled is a super-light, free, user profile and social network plugin for WordPress that allows you to quickly and effortlessly add a social network or an online community, similar to Facebook right inside your WordPress site.

User Profiles

Avatars and Cover Images

Users can set their own avatars and cover images.

Customizable Profiles

Profiles come with custom fields that users can fill in with information about themselves.

Profile Settings

Users can set their notification preferences, whether to show online status and many more.

Profile Likes

Users can like others’ profiles.


Fully responsive design.

Custom Profile Fields

Create custom profile fields for your community members. Birthday fields, multiple select, single select, date, url, country and more. Everything is done on the same page without the need to save and refresh. On the front end, the user can also edit their profile fields smoothly and seamlessly one by one.


Customize your own registration form with Custom Profile Fields.


Set default privacy to profile fields, allow or disallow changing it to users.

Customize Default Fields

Customize default PeepSo fields, for example you can add more gender options.

Custom Profile Field Types

Multi select, Single select, Email, Date, Text, URL, Location, Country, Separator.

Activity Stream

  • Activity Posts

Users can write Posts on Activity Stream and Profiles.

  • Privacy

3 default Privacy settings for users content: Public, Site Members, Only Me.

  • Nested Comments

Comments under Posts are nested so your users never lose track of the conversations.

  • Pinned Posts

Admins can pin posts to the top of the Activity Stream – these are great for making announcements.

  • User Hover Cards

When hovering over user name (or taping on mobile) it shows a hover card with user’s profile summary.

  • Reporting

Users can report content they don’t agree with or find offensive. Admins get notified about it.


Comes with the ability to use hashtags on any PeepSo Free Download Posts. Whether they’re made by users on activity stream or in groups regardless of posts privacy settings. They will be counted and added up, but posts will keep their privacy. Using hashtags in no way compromises that. Hashtags will be calculated and added up. Each tag is counted one time per post. If you add the same tag ten times in one post it’ll still count its usage only once.

PeepSo Free Download

Integrate your Blog with your Community. Add Blog Posts tab to user profiles, featuring blog entries created by your community members. Automatically create a new PeepSo Free Download activity stream post. It is also capable of creating a PeepSo Nulled activity stream item each time a new WordPress post is published. This includes regular blog posts. CPTs (custom post types) are not supported at this time, they can be easily added with custom code, though.

PeepSo + Gecko Theme Addon List

  • PeepSo Core v6.4.3.0 Activated
  • PeepSo Gecko Theme v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Audio & Video v6.4.3.0 
  • PeepSo Chat v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Groups v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Photos v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo GiveWP v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Friends v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Mobile App v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo User Limits v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Email Digest v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo File Uploads v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Early Access v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo myCRED v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo BadgeOS v6.4.3.0 
  • PeepSo IdeaPush v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Easy Digital Downloads v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Tutor LMS v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo LearnDash v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo WPAdverts v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Advanced Ads v6.4.3.0 
  • PeepSo Social Login & Invitations v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo WP Job Manager v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo WP Event Manager v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo WooCommerce & Dokan v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Paid Memberships Pro v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo Almighty Support v6.4.3.0
  • PeepSo MasterStudy LMS v6.4.3.0

Demo :


July 8, 2024

Read on blog

  • [PeepSo] All Foundation widgets are now available as blocks
  • [PeepSo] Compatibility with WordPress 6.6 Release Candidate versions
  • [WooCommerce] WooCommerce 9.0.0 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Fix the wrong license saving
  • [PeepSo] Improve friends database queries
  • [PeepSo] Prevent hashtags from secret and private groups from showing up in popular hashtags
  • [PeepSo] Fix multiple problems with new AWS livrary

No changes.

June 11, 2024

Read on blog

  • [PeepSo] Hashtag & Profile widgets turned into blocks
  • [WooCommerce] Compatibility with WooCommerce 8.9.0
  • [PeepSo] Resolve the AWS conflict with third-party plugins
  • [PeepSo] Fix infinite loop when using PeepSo names everywhere together with YOAST SEO
  • [PeepSo] Resolve the conflict with Print My Blog plugin
  • [User Limits] Restricted Users can still do some prohibited actions

No changes.

May 16, 2024

Read on blog

  • [MasterStudy] New integration plugin: MasterStudy LMS
  • [PeepSo] Improve mark all as read notifications
  • [PeepSo] Don’t show old version warning unless three months have passed
  • [PeepSo] Activity for deleted blog post still appear in streams
  • [PeepSo] ReCaptcha sometimes remove the login button
  • [Groups] Missing text in delete group dialogue box
  • [Files] Can’t download files with certain extensions

No changes.

April 29, 2024

Read on blog

  • [PeepSo] Complete revamp of the reporting feature
  • [Photos] Add “No resizing” and “No compression” option to use original image
  • [PeepSo] WordPress 6.5 compatibility
  • [PeepSo] Refactoring the license check
  • [SLAI] Social Login improvements and partial revamp
  • [PeepSo] Can’t open profile page with “.” character in URL
  • [PeepSo] Blog post activity with disabled category still showing in the stream
  • [TutorLMS] Course link embed doesn’t show properly on the stream

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