PHP Form Builder Nulled (v5.3.0) Free Download

PHP Form Builder Nulled is a complete library based on a PHP class, which allows you to program any type of form and layout them using simple functions. PHP Form Builder includes the best jQuery plugins available and allows you to implement them in a very simple and elegant way.


  • Form generation with options for layout (horizontal, vertical, inline).
  • Accepts any HTML5 form elements, including fieldsets, multiple selects, optgroups, button groups, …
  • Allows to customize HTML with wrappers, IDs, classes and attributes, Javascript events, custom code almost anywhere.
  • Default options ready for Bootstrap.
  • Email sending with advanced options.
  • Database recording
  • Server-side validation, with multilanguage errors gestion.
  • Powerful integration of any Javascript plugin : configure the plugin XML file, PHP Form Builder will generate all code for you (CSS includes, JS includes and JS Domready).
  • Can memorize several custom configurations with each plugin (as many as you want), so you can reuse them easily.
  • Renders separate HTML code, CSS includes code for plugins, JS includes code for plugins and JS Domready code for plugins.
  • Can display HTML code for debug purpose.
  • 20 prebuilt templates included
  • Complete documentation with examples.

Free Download PHP Form Builder includes the best Javascript plugins available and allows you to implement them in a very simple and elegant way.

Demo :


version 5.3 (01/2024)

New Features:
    - add the code for Recaptcha to be properly loaded in Ajax forms
    - add php type hinting and enable PHP strict_types
    - fix PHP 8.3 deprecation warnings
    - review PHP Standard compliance with PHPCS and PHPCBS - Standard:PHPCompatibility 7.4-8.3
    - add SQL group_by clause in DB->select() '$extras' argument
    - update the Signature Pad plugin to the latest version (v4.1.6)
    - add the 'data-height' attribute to the Signature Pad input
Bug Fix:
    - repair the database getLastInsertId() function
    - fix "update" queries using the same fieldname in both values and where clause
    - fix Deprecated error in class.fileuploader.php
version 5.2.1 (01/2023)

New Features:
    - Support of different RDBMS with PDO drivers (MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Firebird)
    - add new functions to the database PDO wrapper:
    - Improve Dependent fields events management & performance
    - handle required fields validation inside nested dependent fields
Bug Fix:
    - The events on inputs with the Pretty checkbox plugin enabled will now work as expected
    - update the Passfield plugin to solve a Popover bug with the latest Bootstrap
    - memorization of the 'inline' checkbox/radio value in the drag & drop form builder

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