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Polylang Pro Nulled (v3.6.1) Free Download

Polylang Pro Nulled Free Download
Polylang Pro Nulled Free Download

Polylang Pro Nulled is the most popular multilingual plugin available on the WordPress directory. This is the pro version of Polylang plugin Nulled with premium features. Translate your content With Polylang, you can not only translate posts, pages, media, categories, tags, but you can also translate custom post types, custom taxonomies, widgets, navigation menus as well as URLs.

Easy to use and efficient Create your languages, add a language switcher and you can start translating! Polylang Nuled perfectly integrates in the WordPress admin interface not to change your habits. It also integrates content duplication accross languages for an efficient workflow.

High performance

Polylang Pro Free Download doesn’t use any extra tables and doesn’t rely on shortcodes which are long to evaluate. It only uses WordPress’ built-in core features (taxonomies). And thus doesn’t require a lot of memory or harm the performance of your website. Moreover it is compatible with most cache plugins.

Polylang Free Download

Polylang Pro Free Download is compatible with major SEO plugins and automatically takes care of multilingual SEO such as html hreflang tags and opengraph tags. Moreover it offers the possibility to use, at your option, one directory, one subdomain or one domain per language.

Demo :


3.6.1 (2024-04-09)
Pro: Fix ACF fields not shown after a post was translated with DeepL
Remove rewrite when registering the language taxonomy #1457
Fix search block not filtered when displayed as button only #1459
Fix current language not kept when using switch_to_blog() in multisite #1458
3.6 (2024-03-18)
Requires WP 6.2 as minimum version
Add compatibility with WP 6.5
Pro: Add DeepL machine translation for posts
Pro: Add export and import in XLIFF 2.0/2.1 formats
Pro: Improve translator comments in exported PO files
Pro: Allow to export JSON encoded post and term metas in XLIFF files
Pro: Allow to export block sub-attributes in XLIFF files
Pro: Add footer notes block to XLIFF files
Pro: Single files are now exported directly instead of inside a zip
Pro: Reworked the language switcher navigation block
Pro: Fix language switcher navigation block justification not aligned with core settings in overlay menu (requires WP 6.5)
Pro: Fix a race condition which could lead to display a notice to the wrong user
Pro: Fix a conflict with ACF when rewrite rules are flushed with WP-CLI on a multisite
Pro: Fix import of several metas with same sources but different translations
Add filter `pll_cookie_args` to filter the Polylang cookie arguments #1406
Fix wrong translated post types and taxononies after a `switch_to_blog()` #1415
Fix a minor performance issue for the page for posts #1412
Fix a JS errors after quick edit. Props @mcguffin #1435, #1444
Fix a possible warning in view-translations-post.php #1439
3.5.4 (2023-02-06)
Pro: Fix an accessibility issue int the navigation language switcher block
Pro: Fix featured image not exported for posts with blocks
Pro: Fix a conflict with the Flatsome builder
Fix a notice when using system CRON. Props arielruminski #1397
Fix an edge case where a wrong post tag may be assigned to a post #1418
3.5.3 (2023-12-11)
Pro: Fix fatal error with The Events Calendar when rewrite param of event category is set to false
Remove flag alt text in the language switcher when both the flag and language name are displayed #1393
Fix incorrect string translations when 2 languages are sharing the same locale in a multisite #1378
Fix posts lists not filtered by the current language when editing a post in the block editor #1386
Fix error when a tax query is filled with unexpected data #1396

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