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Promotions and discounts (3×2, sales, offers, packs) Module [v1.7] Nulled (v2.1.42) Free Download

Promotions and discounts Nulled
Promotions and discounts Nulled

Overview ;Increase your benefits. Offer your clients attractive discounts! Increase your conversions with effective promotions Nulled that promote sales! Increase your ticket by purchasing more items to get more discounts!

What this module does for you

Promotional campaigns produce a positive psychological effect by rewarding purchases. Offering purchasers the opportunity to get a discount makes the consumer feel rewarded and gives them confidence in your store.

Convert visitors into clients

Incentivise your client’s first purchase with a special discount or free shipping on their first order, for example. Break the psychological barrier of mistrust and lack of awareness between the client and your store.

Stimulate repeat purchases

Use the information in your clients account to find out what clients want. Create special offers based on the order history of clients who have fallen in love with your store and return regularly. Offer a product pack promotion, combining the star products from your store with less popular products to increase the amount in the shopping basket.

Create individual promotions Nulled that benefit regular clients

Provide exclusive offers to your clients to show them that they are even more special to you. Today, this is essential to obtain client loyalty.

Offer discounts based on client order history

Specify the number of sales or the number of orders in the conditions.  That way you can have offers like “10% discount for clients who have made 2 or more orders” or “discount of €100 for clients who have made orders worth over €5.000 in the last 6 months”. This will motivate clients to return regularly to your store and make more orders so that they receive a greater discount.

Increase client loyalty

You can offer discounts only to clients who have made more than a certain number of purchases or that have spent more than a specific amount on previous purchases.  

Increase your average ticket

Offer your clients a discount if their shopping basket goes over a certain amount, if they buy a product from a selected category, etc. This way, your clients will spend more to get the discount!

Selling expensive items more effectively

You have the opportunity to sell more expensive items with a discount if the client buys an additional product. People like to buy more things for less money 🙂

Save money by offering discounts

You can exclude items with a specific price from your discounts. Those items are already discounted as much as possible, so you can configure the discount rules to exclude them and so you don’t lose money.

Seasonal and special event promotions GPL

Have your best campaigns on special dates, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, Sales, Back to school, HalloweenBlack FridayCyber MondayChristmas, New YearSt Patrick’s Day, for example.

Promote special content on your site

Take advantage of this module to promote the less popular items in your store or out of season items that you want to remove from your stock.. Offer a special discount for those items to attract your clients.

Create and show promotional banners on your product pages

Inform your clients about special promotions with attractive banners and messages. You can place these anywhere on your page, such as the home page, the product file, the category page, the shopping basket, etc.

Show the discount breakdown

The discounts applied are a cost factor when considering whether to complete the purchase or not (as well as whether or not to return to the store :-). So the discounts breakdown should be shown in a way that makes it easy to understand, as the clients want to be sure that they are getting all the discounts they have been promised.  

Choose the basis for discounts

You can define the price chosen as the basis for the discount: the price followed by previous discounts or the price of the original item.

100% compatible with virtual items

The module is 100% compatible with virtual items. So if your store has virtual items you can use all the functionalities.

A single payment

Promotions and discounts Free Download

The module has no additional costs. You only need to make one payment for the module licence for your store.

Demo :×2-sales-offers-packs.html


Version 2.1.45 – 7/10/2023

PrestaShop compatibility: – 8.1.5

  • Improved compatibility with PS 8

Version 2.1.43 – 10/28/2022

PrestaShop compatibility: – 8.0.4

  • Improved compatibility with PS 8

Version 2.1.42 – 5/6/2022

PrestaShop compatibility: –

  • Improved compatibility with PS 1.7.8

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