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Real Testimonials Pro [ShapedPlugin] Nulled (v3.1.0) Free Download

Real Testimonials Pro Nulled Free Download
Real Testimonials Pro Nulled Free Download

Create easily a great looking Testimonials Page or Section on your WordPress site in a few minutes with an intuitive and stylish admin interface.

We’re always looking for the best way to help online businesses boost conversions. That’s why we created Real Testimonials Pro Nulled that’s both Easy and Powerful.

Real Testimonials Pro free download is an all-in-one Testimonials Management plugin for WordPress. It allows any online business, no matter the size or stage, to tap into the power of testimonials. You’ll be able to gather, manage, and display testimonials on your website in few clicks.

Testimonials are deeply important to your Prospective Customers, but they can be hard to come by. This makes it especially important to ask every customer for their testimonial, and at just the right time. Real Testimonials Pro helps you do exactly that.

When you receive a new testimonial, simply approve it to automatically add it to your customer testimonials page! You’ll also receive a notification email with the new testimonial.

Demo :


VERSION 3.1.0 - MAY 07, 2024

New: The Reviewer Fallback Images (Smart Text Avatars, Mystery Person, No Fallback Image) option.
New: The Form Width option.
New: The Testimonial Form Rating Size option.
New: The preselect 5 stars on the testimonial form option.
New: A hook \'sp_tpro_text_field_allowed_html\' was added to modify allowed tags to designation and company name fields.
New: Allowed multi-column support to list layout.
New: The Exclude from Search option in the plugin settings.
New: A loading icon was added at the submit button when clicking on the Ajax form submit button.
New: The Hide Form option to hide after submitting a testimonial by the user.
New: The Rating Star Size, Empty Color, Active Color, and Hover Color options for the form feature.
New: The Required option for the rating field.
Improved: The company logo default size is set to thumbnail size.
Improved: The number of testimonials is shown in the group field when selecting a group to filter.
Improved: In the thumbnail slider themes 3 and 4, images were getting inline height, and the gap between images and content was huge.
Fix: The Ajax live filter and search field did show in the carousel or slider layout.
Fix: The Equal Height doesn\'t work if the popup is not selected from the Read More option.
Fix: The Column option did not work in the list layout.
Fix: When the reviewer info position was set to top or left, the rating star did not show in theme 8.
Fix: The Equal Height option does not work for some layouts.
Fix: The Info Background gradient color option did not work for themes 8 and 9
Fix: The navigation arrow spacing is not equal on both sides when the Icon size increases.
Fix: When the user clicks on the Leave A Video Review field label, it opens the file uploader.
Fix: The plugin admin asset did not load on some web-hosted WordPress websites rarely.

VERSION 3.0.0 - APR 15, 2024

New: The Based on Rating Star filter option for testimonial filtering.
New: The Center mode/style feature of the carousel layout.
New: The Multi-Rows carousel style feature.
New: The Carousel layout has been reorganized into two layouts (Slider and Carousel).
New: 4 Pre-defined themes of Thumbnail Slider.
New: The Quote Symbol in the Testimonial Title option.
New: The Caching feature with Enable Cache, Cache Time, and Flush Cache options.
New: The Rating Position, Rating Icon Size, and Gap options.
New: 2 New Transition Effects (Flip Horizontally, Flip Vertically) for the slider layout.
New: The Background Color Type (Solid/Gradient/Preset) for the testimonial item.
New: 11 Stunning Gradient Presets for the testimonial item.
New: The Testimonial Title Text Limit by Words feature.
New: The Box Shadow feature for the testimonial item.
New: The Image Box Shadow (Inset, Outset) option.
New: The Border-Radius option is for rounded image shapes.
New: The Show On Hover option of carousel navigation.
New: The Navigation Arrow Style Icons are reorganized and revised.
New: 5 New Pagination Styles (Dynamic, Strokes, Scrollbar, Fraction, Numbers) for slider and carouse layouts.
New: Auto Publish Based on the Star Rating option for testimonial status.
New: The Form Display Mode option (On Page, Popup/Lightbox).
New: Ajax Form Submission feature.
New: The Leave Your Review button with Button/Text Link styles.
New: The Testimonial Title and Content Limit by Characters/Words options.
New: The Before and After text options of every field of the form.
New: The Email Notification feature is divided into three types: Admin Notification, Reviewer Awaiting Notification, and Testimonial Approval Notification.
New: To, From, Subject, and Message Body (dedicated) options for Admin Notification, Reviewer Awaiting Notification, and Testimonial Approval Notification.
New: Two amazing options (Style One/ Style Two) for the form layout.
New: The Border and Border-Radius option of Input Fields.
New: The Rating Color option of forms.
New: The Form Background color option.
New: The Border option of forms./
New: 2 Types of Box Shadow feature of forms.
New: Form Alignment and Padding options.
New: Required Notice and Notice Label options of forms.
New: The plugin settings options are reorganized.
New: The Custom JS option.
Improved: The Plugin UX and UX were hugely reorganized and optimized to make it more user-friendly.
Improved: The Image Settings tab and its options were moved inside the Display Settings Tab.
Improved: The Space Between Testimonials option was moved to the General Settings Tab.
Improved: The Ajax Testimonial Search and its related options were moved to the Basic Preferences of the Display Settings Tab.
Improved: The Pagination Section of the Grid/List/Isotope layout was moved to the General Settings tab.
Improved: The \'Slider Controls\' tab was renamed \'Slider Settings.\'
Improved: The Display Setting tab options were reorganized into nested tabs.
Improved: The options for the Carousel Setting tab were reorganized into nested tabs.
Improved: The Hide on Mobile option of carousel navigation and pagination was separated from the Navigation and Pagination options, respectively.
Updated: The language (.pot) file.
Fix: Some wpcs-related warnings.
Fix: The redirect to the license page issue after plugin activation.
Tested: WordPress 6.5 compatibility.

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