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Object Cache Pro Nulled (v1.21.2) Free Download

Object Cache Pro Nulled Free Download
Object Cache Pro Nulled Free Download

Redis Object Cache Pro Nulled Truly reliable, highly-optimized and fully customizable, with a dedicated engineer when you most need it.

  • Rewritten for raw performance
  • WordPress object cache API compliant
  • Easy debugging & logging
  • Cache prefetching and analytics
  • Fully unit tested (100% code coverage)
  • Secure connections with TLS
  • Health checks via WordPress & WP CLI
  • Optimized for WooCommerce, Jetpack & Yoast SEO

Raw Performance

Object Cache Pro was written from the ground up with raw performance in mind to avoid unnecessary Redis GPL reads and writes and to keep a tiny memory footprint.

Continuously Tested

With 1200+ test cases and 100% coverage, each change to the codebase is tested against all supported PHP versions (7.1 – 8.1), as well as single instances and clusters of Redis v4 and v5.

WooCommerce Support

Object Cache Pro is extensively tested and optimized for WooCommerce. For your peace of mind, we’re also monitoring the WooCommerce codebase and upcoming releases for potential caching issues.

Debugging & Logging

Sometimes you just don’t know what’s going wrong. The opt-in logging and insightful error reporting make it a breeze to find out. You can even use your own PSR-3 logger.

100% API compliant

Object Cache Pro follows WordPress’ Object Cache API to the letter to avoid mix-ups or those error-prone return values.

Seamlessly Integrated

Object Cache Pro integrates tightly with WordPress itself and the dashboard widget makes interactions easy. It’s Site Health integration, WP CLI commands, Query Monitor integration and Debug Bar panels provide a deep insight into your cache and it’s health.

Future Proof

The death of the widely used Predis’ library inspired Object Cache Pro’s modular code, which allows adopting new extensions (such as Credis) and new backends (DynamoDB or Memcached) in no time.

Premium Support

Expert, hands-on help setting up your object cache, and receive a response in as little as 30 minutes from your dedicated engineer via email or Slack.

And much more…

  • Faster binary serialization support
  • LZF, LZ4 and ZSTD compression
  • Asynchronous flushing
  • Batch key prefetching
  • Batcache & WP Rocket support
  • Uses semantic versioning
  • Network (multisite) support
  • Works as Must-Use Plugin
  • Extensive and useful documentation
  • Cache analytics

Redis Cache Pro Free Download

Giving Back

We’re a proud sponsor of PhpRedis Free Download, which is used by thousands of companies all over the world, and is currently the sixth most downloaded PECL extension in history, with over 7 million downloads and counting.

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v1.21.2 - 2024-07-18
Support setting strict mode using OBJECTCACHE_STRICT environment variable
Don’t enable strict mode when a prefix is set
Fixed connection error when no Sentinel replicas are available
v1.21.1 - 2024-05-21
Fixed rare type mismatch when running admin lifecycle
v1.21.0 - 2024-05-08
Added Redis cluster support when using Relay
Added ErrorLogContextLogger for easier debugging
Enabled strict mode by default
Use decorrelated jitter backoff algorithm for connection attempts
Check wp_is_file_mod_allowed('object_cache_dropin') before automatically deleting drop-in
Added Relay*Connection::keysInMemory() helpers
Improved latency widget content when using cluster connection
Use configured logger and log levels when logging from plugin itself
Resolved PHP 8.4 deprecation notices
Avoid rare fatal error in Configuration::safelyFrom()
Fixed objectcache_allow_dropin_mod filter
v1.20.2 - 2023-10-28
Fixed plugin version string
v1.20.1 - 2023-10-27
Log exception message when cache reset fails
Don’t run filesystem health check if DISALLOW_FILE_MODS is true
Changed filesystem test file name from .object-cache-test.tmp to object-cache.tmp
Fixed async_flush when using PhpRedis v6.0
Avoid TypeError when using WP_Error::get_error_data()

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