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Relevanssi Premium Nulled (v2.25.2) Free Download

Relevanssi Premium Nulled Free Download
Relevanssi Premium Nulled Free Download

WordPress search doesn’t search everything, and doesn’t give you enough control over what is searched and how. Relevanssi gives you full access and full control, with plenty of filters and ways to make Relevanssi Nulled work the way you want your search to work.

Meet the developer of Relevanssi

Relevanssi is the work of one person, Mikko Saari, a developer from Tampere, Finland. I’m doing Relevanssi alone.

This means that every support request you make gets you in direct contact with the one person who cares most and knows best.

What comes to long time commitment, I’m dedicated to running Relevanssi. I’ve been doing it for a decade now. Relevanssi pays my bills and feeds my family, so I’m highly motivated to keeping it going.

Free or Premium

Relevanssi comes in two flavours. Free version of Relevanssi is available from WordPress Plugin Repository. It does the job and has over 1,600,000 downloads and more than 100,000 active installations and many satisfied users. For those who want something better, there’s Relevanssi Premium, which you can buy here.

So why go Premium, when the free version is available?

  • Guaranteed support. Free version users get support if I have enough time available.
  • Additional features. Relevanssi is developed actively and new features are added. Free version users won’t get the new features, or get them long after Premium users have enjoyed them.
  • Future development. More users for Relevanssi Premium means I can spend more time developing the plugin.

See Relevanssi Premium GPL prices and buy yours here!

Licensing options explained

There are two different licensing options:

  • Annual is valid for a year and provides access to upgrades and support. Once a year has passed, the plugin will still work, but you won’t get access to upgrades, support or attachment indexing services, until you renew the license.
  • Permanent gives you lifetime access to upgrades and support.

Both licenses let you use Relevanssi on unlimited number of sites, Relevanssi use is not restricted to a limited number of sites.

The annual license include support and upgrades for a year. It is not a subscription: once a year has passed, the license expires and you need to renew if you want it to continue, but you will not be billed automatically.

Custom search development

Relevanssi Free Download is a great plugin, but it can’t cover all specialized needs. It can be adapted to many demands with custom modifications, though, so just contact me and we can build you the custom search plugin you need, based on the awesome power of Relevanssi.


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