SMS Gateway Use Your Android Phone as SMS/MMS Gateway (SaaS) Nulled (v9.4.3) Free Download

SMS Gateway Use Your Android Phone as SMS MMS Gateway (SaaS) Nulled Free Download
SMS Gateway Use Your Android Phone as SMS MMS Gateway (SaaS) Nulled Free Download

Turn your mobile phone into the SMS Gateway Nulled for your applications. Send bulk SMS and MMS using your Android device SIM.


  • Send bulk messages :- Use CSV or Excel file containing numbers to send bulk messages.
  • Send bulk MMS :- It supports sending MMS too. You can send normal text messages as MMS, or you can also attach image files with your messages. It also provides an API, so you can send MMS messages programmatically. This feature relies on MMS availability in your country and support from your network operator. The receiver must be capable of receiving MMS to receive it. If you can send MMS normally, then it should work. This feature should not be confused with RCS or any other messaging capabilities provided by the device manufacturer (e.g. Samsung message, Mi message etc.). It is a good idea to try out the demo from here to check MMS compatibility.
  • Supports sending USSD requests :- It also supports sending USSD requests. You will be able to send it using web panel or API. All the responses resulted from USSD requests will be visible in web panel. You can read responses using the API, or you can also subscribe to webhook to read it as soon as they arrive. This feature requires a device with Android 8.0 or above.
  • SaaS Ready :- You can sell it as a service with regular license. You can add plans with messages limit, contacts limit and devices limit. It provides PayPal integration, which allows you to process credit cards and debit cards. You can also accept offline payments (Cash, Cheque etc.) and start the subscription manually. The manual subscription will renew itself at a defined interval until you cancel it, or it reaches the expiry time.
  • Resource friendly and Scalable :- Unlike most app like this that uses long polling to send the messages, SMS Gateway uses the Firebase Push Notification. This allows it to work without overloading the server with requests even if you have millions of connected devices. It also saves your devices battery life by only contacting the server when there are new messages to send. If you don’t want to rely on a third party service like Firebase, then you can also use it without it.
  • Complete White-Label Solution :- You can completely white-label an Android app by changing its logo, name and server URL using our build server. You will be able to create up to 3 custom APKs for each new version.
  • Works in background :- You don’t need to keep the Android app open on the device for it to work. This makes it easier to use it with your regular device. You won’t need a dedicated device for it.
  • API :- Send SMS from your application developed using any programming language.
  • Supports very long messages :- Send SMS with virtually no limit. You won’t be bound by SMS character limit (160 Characters).
  • Supports delay between messages :- You can set delay between each message to send limited amount of messages in specific time interval.
  • Supports traditional and QR Code sign in :- You can log in into the mobile app using the QR code or by entering your credentials manually. There is no need to enter server URL and credentials manually in the app when you use the QR code.
  • Tracks message status :- Shows status of messages sent using SMS Gateway in Admin Panel.
  • Auto responder :- You can add responses for certain messages so whenever you receive that message, the app will reply it automatically.
  • Multi language support :- It supports multiple languages and comes with English and German. You will be able to add more languages easily by following instructions in the docs.
  • Supports SMS delivery reports :- It also supports tracking of delivery of SMS messages when you turn on delivery reports. It will report the message as ‘Delivered’ when the message is successfully delivered.
  • Receive SMS messages in Admin Panel :- Ability to receive SMS messages in the Admin Panel and respond to them using a WebHook. You can also activate the ability to receive SMS messages directly in your email.
  • Use multiple devices to send faster :- Ability to sign in using multiple Android devices to split messages between them when sending bulk messages.
  • Share devices :- Admin can share devices to multiple users, so they can use it for sending.
  • Blacklist :- Each user account have their own blacklist. Users can add numbers to blacklist to avoid sending messages to those numbers. Subscriber can also reply with “STOP” to add their number in user’s blacklist.
  • Create users :- Ability to create other users to let them use SMS Gateway from their mobile phones.
  • Limit users :- Control how many devices your users can register, how many messages they can send, how many contacts they can store and when their account will expire.
  • Schedule messages :- Send messages on schedule.
  • Supports Dual SIM devices :- Send messages using any SIM programmatically or using Excel file.
  • Contact lists :- Create contact lists and import contacts into them using Excel file.
  • Send message to contact list :- Send message to contacts in a contacts list.
  • Unsubscribe contacts :- Ability to allow a contact to unsubscribe from the contacts list.
  • Contacts API :- Add contacts or unsubscribe them from the list using the API.

If you want to try it out, then register here. Follow the instruction you’ll receive in the email to get started.

To integrate into your application, follow the guides on the API page after logging in to the Admin Panel.



v9.4.3 – 12-12-2023

New Features
  • Added new toggleable feature that depletes 1 credit for every SMS part when enabled.
  • Added new toggleable feature that depletes 1 credit for every received message if enabled. It will be enabled by default.
  • Added ability to disable sms to email functionality from Settings. It will be disabled by default.
  • Removed pusher integration and now same functionality can be enabled from Settings→Features without using Pusher.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the wrong SIM to be used for a reply message.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing system to send a response message from the default SIM, even if the received message was on another SIM.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing system to set wrong last login IP when server was behind a reverse proxy.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Auto Responder to not work and caused repeated received messages on misconfigured servers on some occasions.
  • Fixed an issue preventing app from storing webhook URLs that contained invalid query string characters.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to send a mass MMS with multiple numbers even if they have only one credit in their account.

v9.4.2 – 23-08-2023

  • Fixed an issue that was causing USSD datatable to not load if there is a USSD request with no response in the data.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users from sending USSD request if they are not using Firebase.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing unprioritized messages to get stuck in Queued status if it is sent using an old version of the Android app.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing all messages in campaign to get Canceled status even if some of them were Sent when campaign is canceled.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users from resending Canceled messages.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Contacts to not load.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing system to not account for all the mobile numbers in mass MMS while depleting credits.
  • Removed Sodium extension requirement while installation as it was unnecessary for proper functionality.
  • Added some untranslated strings to language files.

Android App

  • Fixed an issue that was causing it to cancel the unprioritized campaign when other prioritized campaign is in queue or there is sleep time.

v9.4.1 – 17-08-2023

  • Fixed an issue that was causing incompatibility with previous version of Android app.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing USSD requests to not work.

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