uCloud File Hosting Script Nulled (v2.1.1) Free Download

free download uCloud - File Hosting Script nulled
free download uCloud - File Hosting Script nulled

uCloud Nulled enables freelancers, small businesses (such as media agencies) and webmasters to easily share their files online. It’s been built to be extremely robust, secure and very fast!


  • NEW PHP 8.1 support
  • NEW LiteSpeed support (aswell as Apache & Nginx)
  • NEW 2FA integration using Google Authenticator
  • NEW Video, audio, image & document embed code
  • NEW Code previews & syntax highlighting
  • NEW Core framework performance improvements
  • Upload Files:
    • SFTP, FTP, Rackspace and Amazon S3 Storage.
    • BackBlaze storage support.
    • Use with Wasabi using this guide.
    • Scale your storage by using your own dedicated server storage (direct downloads/uploads).
    • Internally shared files & folders. Share multiple files & folders with other registered users and enable them to view, upload and download files.
    • Global sharing option.
    • Multi-file uploader with progress. 10GB+ filesize supported.
    • Images previewed before upload. File icons shown for each file before upload.
    • Percentage progress, size remaining, upload speed and time remaining.
    • Background uploading of files. Continue to manage your account while files are being uploaded.
    • Drag & Drop into the browser to begin uploading.
    • Send via email option once uploaded.
    • Copy folder url to the clipboard link.
    • Built in url shortener.
    • Support for multiple file servers.

Demo :


16th May 2022 – v2.1.0 – PHP 8+ support, LiteSpeed support, 2FA, syntax highlighting, performance improvements & lots more.

- PHP v8.1 support.
- LiteSpeed webserver support.
--- X-Litespeed-Location improved downloads option on LiteSpeed file servers.
- 2FA integration for site login.
--- New admin site settings option to enable the feature.
--- User can enable/disable 2FA via account settings.
--- Admin area option to reset 2FA by user.
--- User login process updated to prompt for 2FA, if enabled.
--- Admin login has separate prompt for 2FA, if enabled.
--- Social login updated to request 2FA, if enabled.
- File Previewer Plugin:
--- Support for previewing text based files. Including syntax highlighting on code such as JS, CSS, HTML and PHP.
--- Added support for ImageMagick image file types - AI, PSD, Animated GIF and 100's more.
--- Added support for resized animated GIF images when using ImageMagick.
--- Added global image watermark option.
--- Added image embed html code option.
--- Added background image thumbnail creator script.
--- Added document embed html code option.
--- Added option to autoplay videos (browser support dependant).
--- Added video embed html code option.
--- Added option to autoplay audio files (browser support dependant).
--- Added audio embed html code option.
--- Improvement to the document viewer so it continues to work even when downloads are locked down by IP address.
- Performance improvements:
--- Improved core framework load times by reducing database queries on each load.
--- Removed IP ban for 'Whole Site' option to improve core load times. These should be managed via your web server going forward.
--- Additional database indexes based on queries within the core framework.
--- Moved caching of used server storage space value into cron task, rather than each file upload.
--- Improved memory usage on banned ip data purge.
--- Performance improvement to md5 hash generation for large files.
- Added cancel upload option within file manager. Options to cancel any pending file or the entire upload.
- Added extra OpenGraph headers for links shared via Facebook.
- Geo-targeting for file servers. Direct traffic from countries to specific storage servers.
- Upgraded core GeoIP library to use GeoLite2 by Maxmind. IP database updated to the latest.
- Removed local server fallback when no storage servers available on upload. The user now sees an error message and uploading is blocked.
- Better error responses on failed/blocked uploads.
- Added download count to file manager file listing view.
- Limit upload speed by account package using Nginx. You can now set an "Upload Url Slug" via the account package settings. When using Nginx, you can configure this to be speed limited.
- Limit concurrent downloads better in Nginx. You can now set a "Download Url Slug" via the account package settings. On Nginx this can be configured to limit connections or download speed.
- Fixed issue with zipping files when downloads are locked down by IP address.
- Added site settings to disable chunked uploads and the chunked upload file size. (recommend for advanced setups only)
- Added admin option to enable concurrent uploads to improve upload performance.
- Added admin option to set how many concurrent uploads to process at the same time.
- Admin option to purge application cache on file servers aswell as the main local server.
- Admin area site setting option to disable md5 file hashing over certain file sizes. Resolves md5_file() performance issues on low resource hosts.
- Added reason for file removal on delete. For example, admin/user removed, copyright claim or system expired. Shown when trying to access the download url.
- Added UID to each log session to simplify reviewing log history.
- Ensured all "direct" file servers route file urls via the main site url.
- Fixed issue where file preview cache files sometimes not being scheduled for removal within the file action queue.
- Added fileHash and whether a file is a duplicate on admin, edit file popup.
- Added option in file preview settings to not show the details page when not logged in. i.e. file urls will trigger a download.
- Improved system logging within the upload process.
- Added support for SSH keys aswell as passwords, in file server SSH connection details.
- Updated token download urls for media so they always include the filename, for third party player compatibility.
- Added catch in core database class for "SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away" errors. Attempts to reconnect rather than exiting.
- Fix to video playback on Safari when not using XSendFile or XAccelRedirect.
- Fix to enforce UTF8 character encoding on email sending.
- Fixed issue which caused some cache files to not be queued for deletion on 'direct' file servers.
- Fixed issue with admin area delete user function, which sometimes caused uploaded files not to be removed.
- Fixed double icon issue when file preview "Show Thumbnails" option disabled.
- Fixed issue with erroneous HTML being output on uploader when file previewer plugin disabled.
- Fixed issue with "download as zip" to ensure the zip file name on the server is always unique.
- Resolved issue with crypto functions where data sometimes fails to encrypt fully.
- Improvements to ipv6 validation and login logs.
- Ensured folderHash is set on folder creation within the file import plugin.

Release Notes: There are database changes within this release. See /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v2.1.0.sql - Please review the installation documentation for guidance on how to upgrade.

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