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Wholesale For WooCommerce (WPExperts) Nulled (v2.4.5) Free Download

Wholesale For WooCommerce (WPExperts) Nulled Free Download
Wholesale For WooCommerce (WPExperts) Nulled Free Download

Sign up Wholesale Nulled customers and display wholesale prices based on multiple wholesale user roles on your existing WooCommerce store.

Why waste your time and money, creating a separate website for your wholesale users when you can use Wholesale for WooCommerce Nulled to sign-up wholesalers and still take care of your regular customers all at the same time?

Control everything you want to sell to your wholesale customers through an extension that lets you manage your eCommerce store’s wholesale pricingmultiple wholesale user roles, and much more.

Custom User Roles & Role-Based Pricing

Through the Wholesale Multi-user Role creation functionality, not only are you able to manage pricing over multiple user roles, but you can also define different discounts for each role with support for both simple and variable products. Your users will be able to see wholesale prices and discounts (GlobalProduct-CategoryProduct) as their given roles.

Create a flexible business model that takes care of wholesale pricing and discounts on global, category, and individual wholesale product settings.

  • Different roles, different settings

You have the option to create various discounts and prices for different user roles. These settings (Global, Product-Category, Product) can be configured on behalf of each product variable or user role.

Support for simple and variable products

Define your store’s user role hierarchy as per your business requirements. The multi-user role functionality provides you the easiness to configure different settings for simple products as well as products with multiple variations; each with their customized settings.

Wholesale Registration Form

Wholesale for WooCommerce Free Download Registration Form puts your WooCommerce store on cruise control. The auto-approval system eliminates the need for manual recruitment and registration of wholesale customers. The registration page can also be configured to redirect the user to specific pages (custom or product) once their registration has been processed successfully.

No coding required

Use a shortcode to place the Wholesale Registration Form on any page or post. The form captures important information from the customers and forwards their requests through a user approval process. The admin can then register and assign the customer a wholesale user role.

Advanced Wholesale Dashboard for Sales & Reports

Wholesale for WooCommerce Nulled Advanced Sales & Reports Dashboard gives you powerful insights into how your wholesale store is performing. You can create sales reports for strategic decisions and sales monitoring with options like date rangesale status, predefined day range, etc., and generate them with a single click.

The statistical data on the dashboard’s scored cards are for viewing numbers related to B2B and B2C sale amount, refund amount, total orders made, and unique customer count.

wholesale Free Download

Create one-page wholesale Free Download bulk order forms with Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce. Create simple, flexible, and responsive product tables with the power to add the following options (search fieldssortingpaginationfilters, and more). 

Demo :


2024-07-01 - version 2.4.5
* Fix - Fatal Error When Variation price is not defined.
* Fix - Extra Fields display on Wholesale Upgrade Tab.
* Fix - Extra fields library updated.
* Fix - UI modified default fields.
* Fix - Improvised product settings checkbox labels.
* Fix - Undefined function is_user_logged_in() in parse_query.
* Fix - Variable Subscriptions on product Data not saving.
* Fix - stripslashes function E_ERROR.

2024-05-21 - version 2.4.0
* New - Min Order Total on Cart.
* New - Display Wholesale Prices to Non-logged-in users.
* New - Option to disable the Strike Through price.
* New - Integration with reCaptcha for WooCommerce .
* New - Integrated Google reCaptcha V2 and V3.
* Fix - C4WP Integration modified.
* Fix - Display Wholesale Price with and without tax on shop and cart/checkout page.
* Fix - Step Quantity was dependent on Enforce Minimum Quantity rules.

2023-12-20 - Version 2.3.0
* New - Added REST API endpoints.
* New - Admin emails Recipient(s)
* New - Settings to make the Registration Field Required or Optional.
* New - WooCommerce Currency Switcher Compatibility Hook.
* Update - Declared compatibility with the cart/checkout Blocks.
* Update - Declared compatibility with HPOS.
* Update - Localize all strings for translations.
* Fix - Minicart pricing issue.
* Fix - PHP warnings when upgrade user to wholesaler role.
* Fix - Extra fields not saving in woocommerce order.
* Fix - Form builder stuck on loading when enter inline style or HTML tags.

2023-11-10 - Version
* Fix - Fixed 2nd parameter deprecated get_terms. 

2023-11-08 - Version
* Update - Enhanced code optimization and strengthened security measures.

2023-05-25 - Version 2.2.4
* Fix - Security check issue Fix on checkout.
* Fix - Invalid email address issue Fix on checkout.
* New - Wholesaler request delete on user delete action.
* Fix - Wholesale orders were not showing in wholesale dashboard.
* Fix - Wholesale enabled button UI Fix on admin products list.

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