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WooCommerce API Manager Nulled (v3.3.2) Free Download

WooCommerce API Manager Nulled Free Download
WooCommerce API Manager Nulled Free Download

The WooCommerce API Manager Nulled WooCommerce Products into an API Resource that can be accessed with an API Key, aka License Key. API Resources (products) can be software, a service, an iPhone or Android App, a membership, a subscription, or anything that can be accessed over the Internet.

The most frequently used Product types are Simple, Variable, Simple Subscription, Variable Subscription, and Group. Subscription product types are created using the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.

Sell API Keys as a License for Software and Automated Updates

The WooCommerce API Manager secures your software with an API Key, by acting as a WooCommerce Software License Manager. When used for software, the API Key is similar to using a License Key. The API Key provides access to an API Resource. By using an API Key, client software has a full range of options to activate, deactivate, check the status of an activation, get information about updates, check for updates, get updates, and more. All software downloads use secure, expiring, URLs to insure only your customers have secure access to the software that was purchased. Software downloads can come from the WooCommerce store local server, Amazon S3, or a remote server.

To make selling API Keys for WordPress plugins and themes easier, the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library Nulled for Plugins and Themes was developed as a PHP Library that can be dropped into a plugin and theme in less than 5 minutes for API Key authentication and software updates with the WooCommerce API Manager Free Download. Learn more about how to get a copy of the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes.

Amazon S3 File Download Support Built-in

File downloads are better served by Amazon S3, which is scalable world-wide, and is extremely affordable for any sized business. Setup your file as described in the documentation, copy and paste the Amazon S3 URL, and your file will be served securely by Amazon S3. Using Amazon S3 allows issues with local web server setup, web hosts, firewalls, WooCommerce file download changes, and other impediments to be completely avoided.

WooCommerce API Manager Subscriptions

The WooCommerce API Manager Nulled has API Access Expiration, which is just another way of saying a time limit for an API Key that acts like a subscription. The customer buys a product, and can access that product (API Resource) until the API Access time limit expires, at which time the customer must renew the time limit by buying the product again. When the product is a WooCommerce Subscription, the store can automatically renew the subscription and email a receipt to the customer, or the customer can manually renew the subscription. A Variable WooCommerce Subscription allows a customer to upgrade/downgrade the subscription. All API Resources are managed using API Key activations. A product can have one or more activations available, and any of the API Key types mentioned above can be used to grant access to the API Resource. The choice to use the built in API Access Expiration, or WooCommerce Subscriptions, depends on the product, and store’s needs.

WooCommerce API Manager Free Download

The WooCommerce API Manager Free Download allows product creation based on your sales model, and the structure provided by WooCommerce. An API Resource (Product) can be sold as a simple/simple subscription product, or a variable/variable subscription product with variations.

Demo :


2024-07-03 - version 3.3.2
* Fix: Address issues reported by WooCommerce quality insights

2024-07-03 - version 3.3.1
* Fix: Resolve an issue that caused API Manager subscription emails not to be sent in some circumstances

2024-04-29 - version 3.3.0
* New: Add tabs to the frontend product page populated with API Manager Product data when using the Storefront theme.
* Tweak: Update brand to Kestrel

2024-03-16 - version 3.2.4
* Fix: Remove esc_attr() from $_POST sanitization on line 1257 of wc-am-product-admin.php due to "Array to string conversion" PHP Warning.

2024-03-10 - version 3.2.3
* Fix: <br> tag displayed in My Account > API Keys. Updated templates/myaccount/api-keys.php.

2024-03-01 - version 3.2.2
* New: Added 'next_payment' date to the Status API endpoint.

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