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Extra Product Options & Add-Ons for WooCommerce (Codecanyon) Nulled (v6.4.6) Free Download

Extra Product Options & Add-Ons for WooCommerce (Codecanyon) Nulled Free Download
Extra Product Options & Add-Ons for WooCommerce (Codecanyon) Nulled Free Download

Does the current functionality of your WooCommerce Products meet your needs? Would you like to add Conditional Logic to your forms? Need further Pricing options to grab your shoppers attention? WooCommerce Extra Product Options Nulled is the best WordPress Product Plugin you have been searching for.

You can create priced product options and addons, conditional logic (within the form builder), build forms, style & validate features, convert the variation attributes dropdowns to radio buttons, image swatches or swatches and much more.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options Free Download You can even control the placement of your new fields with the Form Builder. Full support for checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, text-areas, input boxes, upload, date, range picker and color picker.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options Nulled FEATURES

  • Supports checkboxes, radio buttons, image swatches, text swatches, color swatches, select boxes, textareas, input boxes, upload, date, range picker, color picker and product elements.
  • Product element feature! Add one or more products to the cart along with the main product.
  • Calculate element prices using math formula!
  • Calculate element prices using a lookup table!
  • Calculate element prices using shortcodes!
  • Global enabled elements.
  • Enable or disable the plugin and global elements for specific roles.
  • Enable extra options in shop and category view.
  • Hide add-to-cart button until an element is chosen.
  • Hide add-to-cart button until all elements are chosen.
  • Control the placement of the elements and totals box.
  • Enable or disable a floating totals box to show the selected elements.
  • Alter many plugin strings directly from the control panel.
  • Validation features.
  • Form Fields Builder
  • Show your elements from outside WooCommerce product screen using action hooks.
  • Pricing types include fixed amount, percent of the original product price, current value (Name your price), math formula, lookup table and more.
  • Price per character feature for text-fields and text-areas.
  • Price per word feature for text-fields and text-areas.
  • Limit check-box selection.
  • Exact selection feature for check-boxes.
  • Minimum selection feature for check-boxes.
  • Import/export functions to forms.
  • Lazy load images for image swatches.
  • Change product image for radio button, check-boxes or select boxes.
  • Extra styling for radios and check-boxes.
  • Performance increase for large number of elements.
  • Choose the grid display for check-boxes and radio button for Global Forms.
  • Hide or show prices while on the product page, the cart or the order.
  • Display a section as a pop up.
  • Conditional logic for fields and sections within the form builder.
  • Sections can be displayed normally, as a pop up or a slider.
  • Upload manager
  • Detailed documentation.
  • and more …

WooCommerce Extra Product Options Free Download

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Version 6.4.6 – June 22, 2024
The calculation mode of the dynamic element can now display the result as a price.
Added support for constants to return strings instead of only a number.
Fixed an issue with the variation swatches not displaying the custom height properly.
Fixed an issue where repeater elements connecting to conditional logic were creating a fatal error.
Fixed an issue where elements were loosing their selected visual appearance when the connecting elements in their math formula were changing values.
Fixed an issue with the multiple upload when used on ajax add to cart solutions.
Fixed an issue where moving slider tabs were removing conditional logic.
Dynamic Calculation elements now correctly don't get displayed in the backend order.

Version 6.4.5 – April 05, 2024
Fixed an issue where using special characters in backend labels.
Fixed an issue where the logic was breaking in the backend when deleting section tabs or adding elements in section tabs.
Fixed an issue where the product was able to be added to the cart without filling required options.
Fixed the display of the calculations for the dynamic element.
Version 6.4.4 – March 11, 2024
Fixed the weight functionality in dynamic element.
Added weight support on supported addons.
Version 6.4.3 – March 9, 2024
Fixed a display issue when using the select box in full width.
Fixed an issue with the section color overrides.
Fixed an issue with the calculation of minimum price.
Fixed an issue with the pow math function that was causing error is some cases.
Fixed an issue with the section tab display that was not rendering properly.
Fixed an issue with WPML where the control panel string settings texts not being translated.
Fixed an issue where double image was displayed in the cart for image replacements.
Fixed several rendering issues when using the connected radio buttons feature.
Fixed an issue with the Hide add-to-cart button feature.
Fixed an issue there the Include Fees on unit price setting was not working.
Fixed the product image change not working correctly with conditional logic.
Added override settings for show options total and show final total settings.
Added step setting for text fields when used for number input.
Added a setting for the product element to show or hide the associated product link.
The order again functionality now correctly takes into account the override price setting.

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