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WooCommerce Order Delivery Nulled (v2.6.4) Free Download

WooCommerce Order Delivery Nulled Free Download
WooCommerce Order Delivery Nulled Free Download

Order Delivery for WooCommerce Nulled makes it easy for customers to choose a delivery date and time for their orders during the checkout process.

Improve your checkout process’ efficiency and satisfaction by letting your customers choose their preferred delivery date and time in a smooth and understandable way.

Why use Order Delivery?

  • Display a delivery date picker or the estimated delivery period in the checkout form.
  • Split the delivery dates into time frames/slots for more precise delivery details. E.g: (8:00 am – 12:00 am)
  • Define the delivery range for each of your shipping methods. E.g: Urgent (24h), Economic (2-3 days), etc.
  • Limit the number of orders to be delivered in a day or time frame to prevent work overloads and problems with your shipments.
  • Charge additional costs (fees) to the customers for choosing specific delivery days and time frames.
  • Prioritize your orders with a sortable view. Order Delivery Nulled states the last day you may ship your orders to meet with the delivery.
  • Specify dates where deliveries are not available. E.g. holidays or other events.
  • Disable specific date ranges for shipping and/or delivering to specific countries or regions.
  • Excellent integration with “WooCommerce Subscriptions.”
  • Automated email notifications and admin views with the chosen delivery details.
  • Developer friendly, in case you want to extend or adapt the plugin’s functionality.

Order Delivery Free Download

With Order Delivery Free Download your customers will get clear notifications about the expected delivery date and time of the package from a set of possibilities managed by the store owner that includes local bank holidays, shipping methods, and other factors.

Demo :


2024-06-06 - version 2.6.4
* Tweak - Make the Shipping date and Delivery date columns sortable in the order list in installations using HPOS 

2024-03-26 - version 2.6.3
* Tweak - Change plugin name to Order Delivery for WooCommerce
* Tweak - Update brand to Kestrel

2024-02-26 - version 2.6.2
* Tweak - Sanitized input vars and escaped output content.
* Tweak - Tested compatibility up to WC 8.6.

2024-01-18 - version 2.6.1
* Tweak - Declare incompatibility with the WooCommerce Cart and Checkout blocks.
* Tweak - Updated the plugin URLs to the new domain.
* Tweak - Tested compatibility up to WC 8.5.
* Tweak - Tested compatibility up to WP 6.4.
* Fix - Fixed warnings for using deprecated jQuery shorthand functions in the `bootstrap-datepicker.js` library.

2023-09-25 - version 2.6.0
* Feature - Use different texts than delivery on local pickup orders.
* Tweak - Don't calculate the shipping date for local pickup orders.
* Tweak - Display empty the 'Shipping date' column in the order list for local pickup orders.
* Tweak - Changed the delivery section title in the checkout form to 'Delivery details'.
* Tweak - Don't display the delivery heading in the checkout form if the text is empty.
* Tweak - Added specific CSS classes to the delivery section in the checkout form.
* Tweak - Updated the title of the subscription delivery metabox.
* Tweak - Optimized the number of strings in the translation file.
* Tweak - Updated plugin author.
* Tweak - Tested compatibility up to WC 8.1.
* Tweak - Tested compatibility up to WP 6.3.
* Fix - Address PHP 8.1+ deprecation notices.
* Dev - Dropped deprecated filter hook `wc_od_get_order_shipping_method`.
* Dev - Dropped deprecated plugin code up to version 2.3.
* Dev - Dropped `woo-includes/` files.
* Dev - Updated plugin templates.

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