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WP Ultimo + Fresh Addons Nulled (v2.3.2) Free Download

WP Ultimo + Fresh Addons Nulled Free Download
WP Ultimo + Fresh Addons Nulled Free Download

WP Ultimo Nulled is the ultimate tool to create a premium network of websites – like – on your WordPress Multisite install. You can create unlimited plans, coupons codes and easily manage your network subscriptions.

Get your network up and running in less than 10 minutes!

WP Ultimo GPL offers you a simple way to get all your settings in place in just a couple of minutes. Just follow the steps of our Setup Wizard and configure all the options you’ll need with just a few clicks. 

Amaze your clients with an intuitive sign-up flow!

WP Ultimo Free Download makes your customers’ lives much easier with a simple way to sign-up! They can choose their plan, template and payment method during the purchase process and get a site at the end.

Domain Mapping as simple as it gets – with support to lots of hosting providers!

Your customers can easily add their domain to their sites on your network, giving your platform that extra layer of professionalism!

WP Ultimo Free Download

WP Ultimo Free Download supports almost every hosting company out there, but we’ve worked extremely close with a few of them to offer a tighter integration for domain mapping capabilities. And the list continues to grow!

What will you get?

  • WP Ultimo-2.3.0 (Activated)
  •   WP Ultimo – Material WP 1.1.13
  •   WP Ultimo Site Exporter & Importer Addon 1.0.1
  •   WP Ultimo Captcha Addon 1.0.0 Beta 2
  •   WP – Ultimo Widgets for Elementor 1.0.5
  •   WP Ultimo – WooCommerce Integration 1.2.6
  •   WP Ultimo – EU VAT Support 1.0.2
  •   WP Ultimo – Pro Sites Migrator 0.0.4
  •   WP Ultimo – Multiple Accounts 1.1.3
  •   WP Ultimo – Mailchimp Integration 1.1.0
  •   WP Ultimo – Plugin and Theme Manager 2.1.0
  •   WP Ultimo – Language Selector 0.0.3
  •   WP Ultimo – Ad Injector 1.0.2
  •   WP Ultimo – Admin Page Creator 1.8.6
  •   WP Ultimo – Pro Theme 1.1.5
  •   WP Ultimo – AffiliateWP Integration 1.1.6

Demo :


Version 2.3.2

RELEASED ON 2023-12-05


  • Make sure the amount in price variations is a float to avoid issues with the currency formatting
  • Ensure that the ‘wu_original_cart’ metadata is consistently set in payment during checkout process


  • Ensure the initialization of the required class params during core updates verification to prevent errors in some environments

Version 2.3.1

RELEASED ON 2023-11-21



  • Remove double slash from Cloudways API calls, avoiding request rejection


  • Remove Freemius SDK from the plugin and add our own license validation

Version 2.3.0

RELEASED ON 2023-11-07



  • Allow the addition of custom meta fields in the customer edit page


  • Ensure scoped autoload dependencies with composer autoload
  • Some webhook events were not being triggered during the creation or update process
  • Bind the amount of the price variations to another field in product admin page to avoid errors with some currencies


  • Change the WP_Ultimo\Helpers\Sender::email_sender() calls to use as a static method only
  • Add more translated strings for Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and French
  • Improve PHP 8.2 compatibility

Version 2.2.3

RELEASED ON 2023-10-25



  • Resolved issues with certain popup form submissions failing due to an error in retrieving the form ID attribute

Version 2.2.2

RELEASED ON 2023-10-24



  • Fixed the invoices PDF loading
  • Errors not showing in form modals
  • Ensure the correct period is used in forms where the period switcher is in a upcoming step


  • Avoid errors during site data duplication process

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