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WpDiscuz Premium + All Addons Nulled (v7.6.21) Free Download

WpDiscuz Premium + All Addons Pack Nulled Free Download
WpDiscuz Premium + All Addons Pack Nulled Free Download

wpDiscuz Nulled is an AJAX real-time comment system with a customizable comment form and fields. wpDiscuz is for connecting your own WordPress comments. 

Super fast and responsive with dozens of features. This is the best alternative to Disqus Nulled comments if you want to keep your comments in your database.

wpDiscuz Nulled is a revolutionary perspective on the commenting world!
This plugin changes your website discussion experience and provides you with new user engagement features. It’s totally improved with brand new  innovative features bringing live to your website.

wpDiscuz Free Download design is fully changed. Three attractive, modern and clean layouts are ready to use. You can even choose different layout for different pages and post types using custom comment form builder settings.

wpDiscuz Plugin Free Download

wpDiscuz Free Download is an AJAX real-time comment system with a customizable comment form and fields. wpDiscuz is for connecting your own WordPress comments. Super fast and responsive with dozens of features.

wpDiscuz Addon List

  • WpDiscuz Premium v7.6.21 Activated
  • Wpdiscuz Online Users v7.0.6
  • Wpdiscuz myCRED Integration v7.0.6
  • Wpdiscuz Front-end Moderation v7.1.0
  • Wpdiscuz Emoticons v7.0.15
  • Wpdiscuz Comment Author Info v7.0.13
  • Wpdiscuz Advanced Liking v7.0.7
  • Wpdiscuz Ads Manager v7.0.7
  • Wpdiscuz Widgets v7.2.6
  • Wpdiscuz Media Uploader v7.1.2
  • Wpdiscuz Embeds v1.1.2
  • Wpdiscuz Comment Search v7.1.1
  • Wpdiscuz User & Comment Mentioning v7.1.7
  • Wpdiscuz Syntax Highlighter v1.0.4
  • Wpdiscuz Subscription Manager v7.0.4
  • Wpdiscuz Report and Flagging v7.0.11
  • Wpdiscuz Google reCAPTCHA v7.0.4
  • Wpdiscuz Private Comments v7.0.9

Demo :


Comments – wpDiscuz v7.6.21 – 06.07.2024

  • Fixed: Regenerate comment attachments metadata via WP Cron

Comments – wpDiscuz v7.6.20 – 22.06.2024

  • Added: wpDiscuz custom ajax now supports media uploading
  • Added: New hooks (wpdiscuz_user_can_view_fields, wpdiscuz_user_can_view_field) to control custom fields visibility, check out “docs” for more info
  • Added: A new option that will allow to control uploaded images thumbnails generation via WP cron job or immediately, default: enabled

Comments – wpDiscuz v7.6.19 – 08.05.2024

  • Fixed: Issue with date difference logic
  • Fixed: Vulnerability in the shortcode [wpdiscuz-feedback]
  • Fixed: Deprecated function call “bp_core_get_user_domain”

Comments – wpDiscuz v7.6.18 – 24.04.2024

  • Fixed: Timout error on dashboard statistics page when comments count are too many

Comments – wpDiscuz v7.6.17 – 03.04.2024

  • Fixed: An issue on post meta update
  • Fixed: An issue with tinymce – Failed to initialize plugin: wpDiscuz ReferenceError: wpdObject is not defined

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