YetiShare Incl. All plugins & Languages Nulled (v5.5.1) Free Download

YetiShare Incl. All plugins & Languages Nulled Free Download
YetiShare Incl. All plugins & Languages Nulled Free Download

YetiShare Nulled Full support for mobile, tablet and desktop access using our included ‘Flow’ theme. Even the admin area is responsive for mobile.

Multiple file uploader using the very latest HTML5 technology, no Flash here! Full support for large files via chunked uploading.

Make money selling premium upgrades on your own file upload site. Written in PHP, it comes with the full source code.

Scale with your traffic by easily adding extra file servers. Cross browser, XSS and SQL injection tested.

Yetishare now has inclusive support for over 50 payment gateways, below are just some of the gateways we support out of the box. See our dedicated payment gateways page for more information.

Demo :


v5.5.1 - Minor fixes and improvements - 7th February 2024
- Fix to payment_manage admin page 500 error
- Fix to demo mode checker which sometimes caused plugins to be hidden
- Support for server pooling via the API /file/upload endpoint

Release notes:
- There are no database changes in this release.
- To apply the upgrade from v5.5.0, simply upload the files detailed in /install/resources/upgrade_file_diffs/v5.5.0_to_v5.5.1_DIFF.txt

v5.5.0 - PHP 8.3 Support, Admin Area Translations, Theme Style Editor, Performance Improvements and more - 4th February 2024
- PHP 8.3 support
- Admin area:
   - Added admin area theme editor for Spirit theme. Control the styling of the front-end website and file manager via the UI
   - Admin area templates can now be overridden at the theme level by creating the same twig file in /themes/spirit/views/admin/. Changes will be retained between script releases
   - Added option to set custom admin area CSS via the theme settings
   - Added option within site settings to distribute files uploaded at the same time over separate storage servers. See "Use Server Upload Pooling" to enable
   - Added option within site settings to block downloading based on country
   - Added support for admin users to restrict download URLs by IP via the API
   - Added support to monitor server resource usage on additional local file servers
   - Fix to editing storage path and improved downloads setting for local file servers
- Admin area translations:
   - All admin area text content can now be translated into your own language (LTR languages)
   - Removal of hardcoded casing for all translations (for example, Twig templates upper-casing translated text)
   - Filter added to manage translations screen to separate front-end and admin translations for easier management
   - Fix to 500 error when displaying translation keys for debug purposes
- API:
   - Added 'email_address' param to /account/info API endpoint
   - Added '/file/url_upload_add' endpoint so remote URL downloading can be scheduled via the API (requires background downloading enabled)
   - Added '/file/url_upload_status' endpoint to check the status of scheduled remote downloads (requires background downloading enabled)
- Resolved issues in certain environments around background remote URL uploading
- Improved performance of stats logging on bigger databases
- Fixed issue where uploaded files may not be deleted on certain cloud providers (i.e Wasabi)
- Ensured test_sanity_check_files.php can only be run via CLI and resolved some minor issues relating to artifact paths
- Various other small UI improvements and fixes


- Media Converter
   - Added option to retain original MP4 and simply make it streamable using qt-faststart

Release notes:
- There are database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.5.0.sql
- This will be the last release with PHP 7.x support. We'd recommend upgrading to PHP 8.x so future releases of the script will continue to function as expected

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