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Auto Recalculate Prices v5.1.0 Nulled

Auto Recalculate Prices Nulled
Auto Recalculate Prices Nulled

Automatic Price Recalculation Nulled This module allows you to recalculate the prices of services, domains and addons, creating exceptions of groups of clients and selecting the status of the service as the case may be.


  • User Group Exception (You can create a specific group or multiple groups and place customers who do not want the prices to be updated when you edit the price of a product)
  • Exception of subscriptions (Products, Domains and Addons)
  • Exception of products and services (Products, Domains and Addons)
  • Selection of service status, domains and addons (You can choose if the update applies for one or several states)
  • Information Table (This shows the number of clients and services, domains and addons in your WHMCS)
  • Update button (After saved changes can update all services, domains and addons and this will return the amount of updated services)
  • Recalculation Hook (This takes the parameters of the module and each time a price change is detected in a product or domain, it automatically calculates the recalculation according to the criteria stored in the module.)
  • Cron Jobs (Allows you to select when to execute cron jobs, likewise they are executed according to the selected hooks)
  • Activation Hook (Activate or deactivate the Hook functions for each type of product or domain)
  • Multi Languages (Spanish, Portuguese and English Support)

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