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Perfmatters Lightweight WordPress Performance Plugin Nulled (v2.3.0) Free Download

Perfmatters Lightweight WordPress Performance Plugin Nulled Free Download
Perfmatters Lightweight WordPress Performance Plugin Nulled Free Download

Slow WordPress sites have higher bounce rates and fewer conversions. The Perfmatters Nulled plugin was created by web performance geeks to speed up your site!

Perfmatters free download differs from other WordPress cache plugins to increase the speed of WordPress because it takes a different approach to improve the loading time of the page than other plugins. By default, WordPress has certain options enabled that are not necessary for most websites and slow down performance. perfmatters makes it possible to disable these options just by clicking on a few buttons.

We have over 19 years of experience speeding up and optimizing WordPress sites. Performance really does matter, and we don’t settle for anything but lightning fast.

Perfmatters GPL is a lightweight web performance plugin, created by two brothers with a love for WordPress. Make sure to check out the changelog and feature requests.

Easy Dashboard

A minimal and easy to use dashboard with one-click toggles (no admin menu clutter). You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Perfmatters.


Increases the speed of your site by reducing HTTP requests, disabling plugins, stripping out code, and optimizing your database.


We are all about no bloat! Only clean, valid, and lightweight code. No JavaScript on the front-end of your site.


Support straight from the developers of the plugin. We have over 20 years of experience working in WordPress.

Frequent Updates

We love new things too! And that’s why we push out more updates and new features than anyone we know of.


We code and test our plugins to work with all themes and plugins. It is designed to work alongside your caching plugin.

Demo :


2.3.0 – 05.23.2024

  • Added a new function to verify the preferred content type from the HTTP header when determining if JSON is being requested. This should improve compatibility with certain hosting providers.
  • Added an additional check when removing unused CSS to avoid parsing print-only stylesheets.
  • Updated Delay JS quick exclusion for Termageddon + UserCentrics for better compatibility.
  • Removed option to disable wlwmanifest link output as that function was deprecated in WordPress 6.3.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing lazy loaded images from displaying when defer inline scripts was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where responsive styles for YouTube preview thumbnails were not printing on certain themes using responsive embeds.
  • Fixed an issue with DOMDocument where HTML entities coming from inline styles would display as their encoded values.
  • Fixed a missing tooltip on the scan database option.
  • Translation updates.

2.2.9 – 05.16.2024

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a conflict with other JS deferral solutions when running at the same time.

2.2.8 – 05.16.2024

  • Added new Defer JavaScript option to Include Inline Scripts.
  • Added new option to Separate Block Styles.
  • Added additional built-in CSS selector exclusions for Splide.
  • Updated Delay JS quick exclusion for Kadence Blocks with additional scripts.
  • Updated our staging site license key exception list with additional formats.
  • Updated deferral exclusion check to work with entire tag instead of just src URL.
  • Moved to printing responsive embed styles for YouTube preview thumbnails in all cases for better compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue where the CDN rewrite was not picking up URLs with a relative protocol.
  • Fixed an issue where an existing data-wp-strategy attribute would prevent a script from being able to be deferred.
  • Fixed an issue where the Script Manager was not giving the right feedback on save when a new line character was showing up in the AJAX response.
  • Fixed an issue on the network settings page where incorrect tab content would show up after saving.
  • Fixed an issue where the license tab was showing up at the subsite level if the plugin was not network activated in a multisite environment.
  • Translation updates.

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