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WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled (v3.98.0) Free Download

Wordpress Automatic Plugin Nulled Free Download
Wordpress Automatic Plugin Nulled Free Download

WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled posts from various sources to WordPress automatically.

It can post quality targeted articles, Amazon Products, Clickbank Products, Walmart products, Youtube Videos, Vimeo videos , DailyMotion videos, Feeds posts, eBay auctions, Flickr images, Instagram Images, Pinterest pins,Reddits ,Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist classifieds, Itunes apps/songs/ebooks/movies/podcasts, Envato items and SoundCloud songs on auto-pilot with WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled.

Translate the content before posting .
 you can set the plugin to automatically translate the content before posting using Google translate, Microsoft translator, Deepl or Yandex translate. You can set it to translate it twice to get unique content.

Automatically add custom fields to new posts . you can set the plugin to add custom fields to the posted posts automatically these fields can contain any info from the post added like title, author , content, image, price, rating .. etc. Allowed tags are listed automatically to choose from and differ for each campaign type with WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled.

Auto search and replace support. The plugin can search the content before posting for your specified words and replace them.

keyword suggestion. Writing the first letters of the keyword lists all keywords starting with this letter to choose from.

Support for automatic content spin using the best spinner. the best spinner ( takes the article and replace synonyms using its synonyms database to create 100% unique article.

Support posts templates. the content of the post can be formed in different formats by using tags like [post_content] , [post_title],[product_price].. etc. supported tags differ for each campaign and listed atutomatically to choose from.

set & forget cron job. to post every specific interval you specify for each campaign in the form of (days/hours/minutes).

Internal cron job. wordpress automatic Nulled supports posting automatically based on the internal wordpress cron job.

Two post status. you can set new post status to draft or published.

Unlimited keywords. you can add unlimited keywords per campaign. when the campaign start being processed these keywords will be used one by one to get the content so if the first keyword is exhaused or no more having matches the second one will be used.

Automatic keyword hyper-linking. automatic hyper-link matched keyword with specified link

Spintax enabled. like {awesome|nice|helpful}. you can use this form in the post content and only one word will be chosen in the final article randomly.

Automatic link stripping. option to strip all links from the original content before posting.

WordPress multi-site network support. plugin can be installed in multi-site wordpress installation and function properly in each zombie blog.

WordPress Automatic Plugin Free Download

Demo :


Version 3.98.0 (5 June 2024)
NEW: Option to exclude campaign posts from rewriting using Auto Spinner Plugin
NEW: AliExpress now uses affiliate program to generate affiliate links
Fix: Google news links now get converted to feed links for a better chance of success
Fix: Amazon price filtration for imported WooCommerce products now works correctly

Version 3.97.0 (27 May 2024)
NEW: support, now you can use any model like Google Gemini, Claude 3, or free models 
Fix: OpenAI auto-correct reply if HTML encoded in pre and code tags
Fix: The option to post the link even if posted from another campaign can now be disabled
Fix: Pinterest now imports the HTML description instead of rich text

Version 3.96.1 (19 May 2024)
Fix: OpenAI Prompts back to work normally after an issue with the previous version

Version 3.96.0 (18 May 2024)
NEW: OpenAI new model gpt-4o added
NEW: OpenAI Markdown format now gets automatically converted to HTML

Version 3.95.0 (15 May 2024)
NEW: OpenAI model gpt-4-turbo/gpt-4-turbo-2024-04-09 added
NEW: Option to not remember excluded links
NEW: AliExpress can now import specific products by product ID
Fix: Amazon price extraction now works correctly for RTL languages like Arabic
Fix: AliExpress images are back to work after recent changes, downloading images is now required
Fix: AliExpress now correctly extracts the product on some servers

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