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WordPress Manager For WHMCS Nulled v1.6.1 Free Download

WordPress Manager For WHMCS Nulled Free Download
WordPress Manager For WHMCS Nulled Free Download

WordPress Manager For WHMCS Nulled will provide your clients with a sought-after capability to install and manage WordPress instances in detail without the bother of ever leaving your WHMCS Nulled.

Simply pick cPanel, DirectAdmin or Plesk hosting products that shall be equipped with WordPress-aimed tools to let your customers remotely add either clean installations or custom installation scripts, and control the focal features of those already in use. They will be welcome to not only keep track of assorted installation details but essentially, browse through and handle plugins to be activated, manage themes and assign them into packages, generate backups, plus perform system updates. Along with it, clients will gain the possibility to automatically upgrade WordPress installations, plugins, and themes, as well as create staging WordPress instances for testing purposes to be pushed live at any later moment. On the other hand, you will be empowered to activate the automatic installation of WordPress once a new service is created as well as control the features available to your customers in the client area. The module will also allow quick access to the control panel and cache clearing, one-click installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, not to mention a swift mechanism to clone the installation to a different domain.

Client Area Nulled Features:

  • View/Create/Edit/Delete WordPress Installations:
    • Using Simple List Of Instances
    • Using Extended View With Instances Preview Screenshots
  • View/Create/Edit/Delete WordPress Installations On Your Resellers Accounts:
    • cPanel
    • DirectAdmin
  • Update Selected WordPress Installations To Newest Version In One Batch
  • Import WordPress Installation From Remote Server
  • Create WordPress Installation Based On Instance Image
  • Log In To Admin Panel Of WordPress Instances
  • Receive Email Notifications And Get Visual Alerts When WordPress Update Is Available
  • View Installation Details:
    • Domain And URL
    • Product On Which Is Installed
    • WordPress Version
    • Site Name
    • Creation Date
    • Directory Path
    • Database Access Details
    • Debug Status
    • Instance Status
  • View Website Details Based On Google “PageSpeed Insights”:
    • Desktop And Mobile Screengrab Thumbnails Of Website
    • General Performance Information
    • Page Statistics
    • Opportunities
    • Audit Passed Successfully
    • Diagnostics
  • Manage Installation:
    • Create/Restore/Download/Delete WordPress Backups
    • Browse/Install/Manage Themes
      • Search And Install Themes Directly From Base
      • Preview Theme Before Installation
      • Activate/Deactivate Installed Themes
      • Update Installed Themes
    • Browse, Install And Manage Plugins
      • Search And Install Plugins Directly From Base
      • Activate/Deactivate Installed Plugins
      • Update Installed Plugins
    • Browse And Install Plugin Packages
    • Perform Bulk Changes On Themes, Plugins, And Backups
    • View/Create/Edit/Delete WP Config Records
    • View/Create/Edit/Delete WordPress User Accounts With Specified Privileges
  • Perform Actions:
    • Log In To Control Panel
    • Clear Cache
    • Clone To New Domain
    • Update To Newest Version
    • Change Domain
    • Toggle Auto Upgrade Of:
      • WordPress Installation
      • WordPress Plugins
      • WordPress Themes
    • Create Staging
    • Push Staging To Live Environment
    • Enable/Disable SSL
    • Enable/Disable Maintenance Mode
    • Create Instance Image
    • Delete
  • Single Sing-On Into WordPress Panel From Product View

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